Seven Sense Turn Jade to Smoke


Seven Sense teased fans with the practice version of their new single Jade to Smoke (玉生烟) a few weeks ago, has final revealed the single’s MV. The meaning behind the song is based on a famous poem, known as Jin Se (锦瑟) in the Three Hundred Tang Poems, by the 9th century poet Li Shangyin (李商隐).

The new single’s composition, choreography, and costume are produced by the same team behind Seven Sense’s debut single Spring Chant. Like their previous singles, Jade to Smoke incorporates tradition Chinese elements with modern R&B to create Seven Sense’s own unique Zhong Guo Feng sound. From the use to piano and guzheng in the intro to the mellow poetic rap, the group smoothly blended traditional eastern and contemporary western sound.

I do realize this MV was release a while ago, however, I had planned to translate the lyrics. But after many failed attempts, I must admit that my translation skill is just not at a level where I fully translate these poetic words. Go below the cut for individual concept photos.

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13 thoughts on “Seven Sense Turn Jade to Smoke

    They mentioned in this interview that the song’s lyrics were written by 小朵. And they also sang part of the song live, it sounded pretty good! I think they’re really talented group, I hope they gain more popularity soon :)
    On a side note, they also recently went to HNTV’s Amazing Dance to dance 咏春. Tbh, I’m kinda confused why they’re going on this show, I mean they’re already signed artists? But maybe I don’t get the premise of the show?

    lol I’ve been hanging around their Baidu bar too much lately ¬.¬

  2. even though i do not understand at all, but the song is really nice and i like it a lot. i just wish i was fluent enough to understand the language better to comprehend it’s sound. anyways, the video is also nicely done. the girls look really beautiful and elegant in their outfits and even the choreography too. thank you so much!! =]

  3. they really should stick with these types of songs. Alot of zhong guo feng groups tend to start out with these songs, but then venture into like pop songs and they just go downhill from there. Taiwan actually has a new zhong guo feng group… called 太妃堂

    • I don’t think ZGF songs are that easy to produce. Pop songs anyone with a background can produce but ZGF need someone who know Chinese sound.

      Speaking of which, they eliminated the ZGF composer from Super Boy!!! WHY?!

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