Weibo Wednesday: July 10, 2013

乔任梁: 最直接表达爱的方式?当然是〜KISS!国际接吻日#要kiss 要出色#,别羞涩你的爱,在剩下的6小时里,你想吻的Ta是?、、、天黑请闭眼!

July 6th was International Kissing Day! Which means we all get this adorable picture of Kimi Qiao being all kissy-kissy with a kitty cat.

The most direct way to express love? Of course it’s a KISS! International Kissing Day. #if you kiss, it must be outstanding# Don’t be shy about your love. In the remaining 6 hours, who is the one you want to kiss? …It’s getting dark, please close your eyes!

陈晓: 滚走!祝自己26岁生日快乐!你们送我的行头爱疯了,每一年都在说生快,快不快,听听歌。。。粗线了眼前被封印的夜

Legend of Lu Zhen star Chen Xiao celebrated his 26th birthday on July 5th, and gave us a sneak peek of his upcoming role in the live-action Inuyasha series! Okay, just kidding, this is just a cosplay.

Get lost! Wishing myself a happy 26th birthday! I love the outfit that you all sent me. Every year I say happy birthday, isn’t it fast, listening to the song… A sealed night appeared before my eyes

陈翔橙: 会唱歌 又长得好 而且会挑眉 还会演戏 最重要的是还得都姓陈的真的不多 是吧?坤哥 您觉得呢?@陈坤

Continuing with the theme of good-looking boys surnamed Chen, singer Chen Xiang outed himself as a Chen Kun fanboy. Yay flirting!

Can sing, is good-looking, knows how to raise his eyebrow, and can act. The most important thing is that he must have the last name of Chen. There aren’t many of them, are there? Brother Kun, what do you think? @Chen Kun

柯震東Kai: 終於練成分身了現在我們在飛機上討論誰要去宣傳電影!誰要去運動健身!誰要去拍新電影!誰要去學校上課……終於可以輕鬆點了

If you’ve ever wondered how some actors can be involved in so many projects without dropping dead, wonder no more! It’s because they all have clones of themselves! Or, in Kai Ko‘s case, at least.

Finally practiced how to make doppelgangers of myself. Right now we’re on the plane discussing who is going to promote the movie, who is going to the gym to work out, who is going to film the new movie, who is going to go to school… I can finally relax a bit

謝依霖HOLD住姐: 宣傳雖然忙碌,但大家別擔心我們不會讓導演餓著累著,睡著都幫他蓋好被子@陈学冬cheney @郭敬明

Tiny Times cast members Xie Yilin and Chen Xuedong shared how they took good care of their director, Guo Jingming, when he fell asleep during promotions, by….. covering him up in newspapers. lol.

Although the promotions are busy, nobody worry. We won’t let the director be hungry or tired. Even when he sleeps we help him put on blankets. @Chen Xuedong @Guo Jingming

凤小岳: 送我這麼大塊餅,是要吃到天荒地老嗎?

It’s giant bread! It’s Rhydian Vaughan! What more could you want?

You sent me such a big piece of bread. Do you want me to eat it until the end of time?

张杰梦工场: #杰拍#左一是 Berklee 的Chief of staff ,右一是@许智伟Harry 老师,中间这位,呃••••••小编擦擦眼睛先

Zhang Jie is taking classes at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Xie Na also posted a photo of Zhang Jie’s student ID.

#Zhang Jie# On the left is the Chief of staff of Berklee, on the right is Teacher Harry Xu Zhiwei, the one in the middle, oh…. the editor must wipe his eyes first

林更新: 老师,老师! 嘿!你别跑呀!

And to end things with a bang, have Lin Gengxin shooting a rifle.

Teacher, teacher! Hey! Don’t run away!

3 thoughts on “Weibo Wednesday: July 10, 2013

  1. I don’t see how people can claim the Tiny Times cast only cares about prettiness when they’ve been taking turns posing with each other while asleep. First Amber Kuo, then Xie Yilin, then Guo Jingming, then Chen Xuedong. Who knows who’s next?
    Does anyone know if Berklee is actually considered good in the U.S.? I liked Anson Hu’s compositions a lot more before he went to Berklee … now they seem very generic.

    Also, Chen Xiao =_= Being so pretty is illegal.

    • Berklee is known for producing mainstream artists, so I guess it depends on what you consider to be “good”

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