Jia Nailiang & Li Xiaolu Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary


Jia Nailiang, always the romantic, celebrated his first anniversary with Li Xiaolu with a self-produced microfilm. The couple welcomed their daughter earlier in the year. For anyone who missed the proposal last year, watch it here.

I used to be stubborn, always doing things my own way – didn’t understand compromise. Since you married me, I finally truly understood that life is steadfast, thankful, and kind

Li Xiaolu: I used to always say I’m like the cloud
Floating around with no destination
Feeling unprotected and insecure
Ever since you appeared in my life
I turned into a seed
Burying firmly into the ground
Growing my roots

Jia Nailiang: I thank God for giving me this opportunity
For allowing me to take care of you forever
If one day I can no longer use words to express my love for you
Then I will prove everything in my life
But I want to say, I may never provide enough for you live as the world’s richest woman
But I am confidence that I can let you live as the world’s happiest woman.

Images are from their daughter’s 100 days celebration.

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