Super Boy 2013: Beijing and Hangzhou Stops

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

Sorry for this late post on Super Boys, but I was trying to find the motivation to write abut these two regions. A totally of 25 people received the pass card, with 14 from Hangzhou and 11 from Beijing. You would think with 14 pass cards there’s some INCREDIBLE talent in Hangzhou… Anyway Super Boy held audition in Beijing for the first time (that must’ve been a big tourist attraction lol). You can watch the full Beijing and Hangzhou episode on HNTV Official Youtube. After you’ve watch it, please tell I’m not losing my right to write Music Monday? Because Hangzhou really didn’t need 14 pass cards. Watch selected performance below with limited comment, so I wouldn’t get myself in trouble for saying too much.

The 66 to 20 knock-out round will air live on the 11th and 12th. The judges for this round will be: Tao Chingying, Chen Kun, Nicholas Tse, and eeMedia’s very own Li Yuchun. You know when HNTV is taking a show seriously when they bring out both He Jiong and Wang Han to MC.


Beijing Top 11 picked by Laure Shang, Cai Guoqing, and Huang Qi Shan

Jerry Yan. 19 (legal). Beijing Film Freshmeatman… umm… Shiny teeth… Just keep smiling… Eh.I can’t think clearly… Ignore me and just watch it.

idarklight why are all the Chinese table tennis so good looking? Wang Bowen have been playing table tennis for 13 years, and won numerous medals. A short list of world camps from his team: Wang Nan, Guo Yue, Ma Long, Ma Lin, Li Xiaoxia.

A “mix tape” of four different songs.

It’s a lonely city indeed.

Mom: You can write good song, can compose, can sing… but I’m worried about this face.

I don’t understand why he was rejected. Did the judges real expect to find non-bar/street performing musicians in Beijing? Most of them will sound over rehearsed but you’re suppose to be judging their voice, look, and overall sound. Beijing is birthplace of punk rock, this version of Miss Dong is so much closer to the original’s feeling then Zuo Li’s.


Hangzhou Top 14 picked by Laure Shang, Chen Kun, and Julia Peng

He composes the music, he’s wife writes the lyrics. How better matched can you get?

Your face looks familiar…

6 thoughts on “Super Boy 2013: Beijing and Hangzhou Stops

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, the ping pong team is known as the pang pang 胖胖球 team :b The badminton team is where all the 高富帅 are XD
    I like Chen Kun a lot, but I can’t help but feeling that he only let the soft-voiced guitar-type pass … I’m not a big fan of this judging crew. I wish they had more producers instead of all singers and one host. Yu Quan would’ve been perfect T_T The editting team for this year is hilarious, though.

    • I would watch table tennis if he joined national team =)

      I feel like a lot of people would’ve passed if they had a different judge (and a lot of the people wouldn’t have too). Yu Quan would’ve let Wang Xiaotian pass =( And Hangzhou was a serious disappointment.

      • Other than Hong Chen, who I think would’ve gone to a different region anyways, Hangzhou’s always the worst region. I still remember the year Reborn got in the top 10. They win my vote for worst singers in the top 10/12/13 of Super Boys/Girls ever. They’re pretty, though, if that helps …

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