Guo Ziyu To Leave HIT-5


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As we’ve previously mentioned, Hit-5 is back with a brand new album Have You Been Well 你们还好吗. But soon rumors started surfacing about the possibility of a member leaving and possible disbandment. Speculation and accusations were made. Finally TH Entertainment and HIT-5 decided to make an official statement addressing the rumors. Confirming that leader Gking Guo Ziyu will no long promote as a member of HIT-5. Official statement below along with translation.


via TH Entertainment and HIT-5 Official Weibo

A Letter for Fans

Dear Diamonds:

As you know, we’ve just finished making our second album “Have You Been Well”. This will be HIT-5’s last time promoting as five. Due to differences in music and future development, the members and the company have made a decision. Leader GKing Guo Ziyu will be leaving the group to concentrate on his acting. From now on HIT-5 will officially be composed of 4 members.

We hope this album will lead to even better products in the future, and to successfully finish promotion for “Have You Been Well” as five members. In the future, HIT-5 will work even harder and show the fans more great products.

Diamonds’ been very supportive of us for the past 5 years. We remember every moment of it. You will be our motivation in the future. This is not the end, it is a new beginning. HIT-5 will always be here. We will always be with you.

HIT-5 July 8, 2013

12 thoughts on “Guo Ziyu To Leave HIT-5

  1. i’m barely finding out about this now! am so sad. D: i hate when things like this happen, but hope hit-5 as a quartet will ocntinue on. thanks… so sad.

  2. I’m so confused, though, because my Chinese isn’t that good, and Guo Ziyu’s weibo statements seem to indicate that he plans on returning in the future. Could you shed some light on that?

    • That’s what I thought too. But it was posted before this official statement was released… idk It’s like TC all over again. rumors – denial – rumors – in your face statement. &here I was thinking the 5 year thing was just a superstition…

      • Ugh. All of it sounds like massive drama. They’re all either completely not saying anything about it or making ambiguous statements. It’s weird, because it’s like the other four members are trying to pretend that nothing is happening…wouldn’t you usually at least try to address the rumors and/or send well-wishes to your former leader?
        Thank you for all of your translations and your hard work! It helps a lot. And thank you for answering my comments. This whole thing is upsetting and confusing, but it’s so nice that there are kind people willing to help.

        • He made a statement at the Hit-5 Showcase that implied it was the company’s decision, not his. That being said, he then unfollowed all of the other members on weibo, and when asked, just said that everyone will claim they have the right of it.

          I’m guessing there is a lot of company interference, which is why none of them are responding the way we would expect. (I always thought the only reason anyone in TC reacted is because Kenny is a little hothead who can’t keep his temper.)

          • It does seem like there’s a lot of company interference…something fishy is going on, but it’s impossible to know what. I just hope it’s not that there’s been a fight between the members. I think the others’ posts seem kind of angry, but maybe that’s just my faulty reading skills.
            Hopefully it can get resolved soon.

            • Hmmm, I’m not sure. I just checked their weibos, and each one of the remaining members did make a PC-sounding post. I get the sense they’re being told not to make waves about this.

              While I hope it’s not because of infighting, I also kind of hope it’s not the company being a douche because I had such high hopes for TH Music not being douchey. The implication from G-King’s speech was that the company was asking him to leave because he’s too old, which, if true, is /ridiculous/.

              • He’s only, like…a few months to a year older than everyone else. +_+ How does that make any sense?
                Thank you for the help, though! I’m glad to be getting more information about it, even if it is ridiculous.

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