Yang Mi for Femina and ELLE

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Who wore the above dress better – Ni Ni (scroll down), or Yang Mi? But in all seriousness, here’s a post for Yang Mi with Femina. The actress is purported to start in a new drama based on a video game, a sister game to Chinese Paladin – “Gu Jian Qi Tan.” Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu, and Chen Zihan are also rumored to join her; more news will be posted when the casting is more final and stills are released. 
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3 thoughts on “Yang Mi for Femina and ELLE

  1. I would say that Ni Ni wore the dress better. And this isn’t just because I like Ni Ni more than Yang Mi–I just think Ni Ni has a stronger presence in her photos.

    And ooo I haven’t heard about Yang Mi’s new drama yet! I’m looking forward to seeing the promo pics once they are released! *W*

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