Music Monday: July 8, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Music Monday is back!! *applause* But it’s going to be a short one, because I didn’t have time to look up each song’s background info like I used to, hope you guys don’t mind.

This week we have Hu Xia trying to confess his feeling to a friend, Chen Xiang getting slapped by the girl he loves, Sun Jian waiting for his princess to arrive, sensitive Li Daimo going crazy from loneliness, Zhang Yixiao getting jealousy and envious and hateful, Yang Jin describing her love as a lemon tree, Xian Zi realizing her mistake, Yan Dong is a weird but confident homebody, and girl group Lunar making a confession.

Lets start with the song that’s been making headlines due to Super Boy.
Zuo Yi performed Song Dongye‘s “Miss Dong” for his audition, turning the underground song into a mainstream hit. Listen to the original artist performing the song on TTXS.

Hu Xia‘s second single from his new album Silly Tango “Love is Meters Away” starring Guigui Wu Ying Jie. [inserting commercial] Guigui will be on Happy Camp next (this) week with Zhang Han, Yang Yang, and Mao Zijun to promote The Four.

Chen Xiang‘s first single “Without You, I Pretend Tears Are Smiles” from his new self-produced EP starring Jia Mengjie. Apparently Chen Xiang got slapped 20+ times by Jia Mengjie when making this MV. Ouch. Poor baby.

If you’re still suffering from watching Chen Xiang getting slapped so many times, let Sun Jian cheer you up with this happy little tune called “Princess is Here“.

Li Daimo losing his mind from loneliness in this MV for the single “Patient” from his album Sensitive. It’s a very artistic MV, but makes you kind of depressed after it’s over.

If your suffering from the after effect of Li Daimo’s song, Liang Jiajie is sure to cheer you up. What does he feel about his girl? He’s In Love With You Love.

Zhang Yixiao makes a parody-like video about the different love life of a typical college graduate and rich kids. Which one are you? “Jealousy Envy (or) Hate“?

Yang Jin describes her love as a Lemon Tree? I usually don’t like this type of song but there’s something extremely catchy about this song.

Xian Zi have arrived at the conclusion that she’s Made a Mistake in choosing 70.

Yan Dong is a weird but confident Homebody.

Cosplay girl group LUNAR is going to be a real girl group from now on? They’re sure to become the new Otaku goddess with this Confession.

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