Super Boy 2013: Xi’an and Chengdu Stops

想唱就唱 我最响亮

想唱就唱 我最响亮

Is it me or are they are really rushing Super Boy 2013? Xi’an, Chengdu, Beijing, and Hangzhou selections were aired in four consecutive days. First up Xi’an and Chengdu.

In Xi’an, judges Laure Shang, Cai Guoqing, and Peng Jiahui (I’m A Singer) requested an extra pass card, making it the first region to pass additional members into nationals. Watch Superboy Liu Xin working his summer job in Xi’an on HNTV’s Official Youtube Channel here. In Panda Town Chengdu, we saw Cai Guoqing being left out in the cold while Chen Kun and Tao Chingying flirts like it’s nobody’s business. I think the judge’s interaction (or maybe it’s just Chen Kun’s perfection) made this episode much more enjoyable. You can watch Chen Kun’s courtship of Tao Chingying on HNTV’s Official Youtube Channel here.


Xi’an Top 11 picked by Laure Shang, Cai Guoqing, and Peng Jiahui

Hwichan, an ex-member of Shinhwa’s protege Battle, only began learning Chinese a month prior to this audition speaks Chinese better then Chinese Idol contestant James. Hwichan performed JJ Lin’s Practicing Love and Shinhwa’s Perfect Man.

CCTV broadcaster Zhang Bo came here to… rap? Zhang Bo performed his original English rap “Not A Rapper”, which contained lyrics that actually made sense. Maybe he can write or check M.I.C.’s English rap in the future?

Zhang Lifu is participating on Super Boy for the last regardless of the result

I wouldn’t give up on my dream, but age is still important. I’m so tired. Watching the good looking guys in front of me… how can I compete against them? I don’t think I can do it anymore.

Watching the handsome guy before him getting the pass card, the already nervous contestant was interrupted during his first song choice.

Mongolian singer Ha Si performed a song from home “father prairie mother river”. He’s been working as a bar performer for 11 years. Has he lost his raw sound and became “oily”? I thought the performance sounded over rehearsed but not enough for Laure Shang to be so harsh and reject him…

Wang Jing performed an original song he wrote for his BFFL bro, who took a week long vacation from work to accompany Wang Jing. Aren’t they cute together?


Chengdu’s Top 10 picked by Chen Kun, Tao Chingying, and Cai Guoqing

Pop Rocker Peng Rui, aka Hello Kitty, sings an original composition dedicated to his nickname. I can’t help but remember Kimi Qiao when I’m watching him, especially that attitude, maybe that’s why Peng Rui is my favorite from Chengdu?

Ethnic Yi acappella groups 90s Tribe performed “Hey Sister” to much applause, but that wasn’t enough for Cai Guoqing. The group ended up performing an accapella version of “Nobody”. Without professional training the quartet harmonized based on feel.

Wei Yining was a contender for 8090 but had to drop out due to personal reason you’re lucky you dropped out. But now he’s back and more confident then ever performing Jay Chou’s “Saying Goodbye” (though he doesn’t want to say goodbye just yet).

Sichuan Music Conservatory prodigy Ning Huayu performed Li Quan’s classic “Tightrope Walker” to Chen Kun’s disappointment.

Chen Kun: You’re probably shun by your classmates right? When you came on stage you talked with a humble attitude and tone, but all the words you spoke were used to built up your own illusion. You’re not truly humble. I know this may be harsh, but you’re a rare talent so I need to say it… I hope someone as talented as you will learn from this, learn how to be humble from the heart instead of showing it off.

While I agree with Chen Kun, but I don’t think Ning Huayu is really proud or showing off. I think he may just be so engrossed in his music that he has become socially awkward and unable to adapt to different social situations. However, Chen Kun’s words and fake-out was necessary to turn this music prodigy into a humble entertainer.

31 year old street side vender performer (sorry I don’t think there’s definite English word for this work) Peng Sitao performed Pang Long’s “Getting Old”.

3 thoughts on “Super Boy 2013: Xi’an and Chengdu Stops

  1. I’m pretty sure no one can be as self-obsorbed and smudge as Li Quan during performances. XD
    Did anyone see that Han Chengyu got in? I had always assumed Li Xiang signed him? Also, it’ll be interesting if he continues since his drama is airing soon on Hunan TV

    • He is signed to Mango Film/Li Xiang. Maybe they’re using this to promote him and the drama? With his vocal skill he wouldn’t make it into Top12.

  2. lolz. I thought that Chen Kun took away a little too much speaking opportunities from the other two judges but most of what he said was spot on, true, and usually things the judges prefer not to say for the sake of saving the “face” of the contestants.

    In other news, I just remembered when my mother used to have this massive crush on Cai Guoqing and she would go on and on about how he’s such a handsome man with an angelic voice. lol

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