Photoshoot Friday: June 5, 2013 (belated)

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Wallace Huo doesn’t do much  more than shave in this recent photo shoot of his, but you won’t hear me complaining. (Except that they should have taken more pictures).And as if he wasn’t enough testosterone, Tong Leung and Huang Xiaoming make an appearance too (although not together). Ni Ni reminds us again of her Flowers of War character with her crimped hair, and fellow Mou girl Zhang Ziyi shows off how elegant and poised she is. Meanwhile, Yang Mi is enjoying her summer and Zhang Xinyi shows us that she is just as fashionable before and after her marriage, and Pan Chen wins (hands down) as the most adorable child in this round up as she eats waffles. More beow the cut!

01. Ni Ni for Femina, more here.
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 photo 704_1009344_682590_zps9540310f.jpg
 photo 704_1009343_848557_zpsa295c3e8.jpg
02. Yuan Shanshan, more here

03. Zhang Ziyi and Tong Leung, more here.
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04. Zhang Ziyi for Vogue, with more here
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05. Joe Chen, more here.
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06. Yang Mi, more here.
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07. Zhang Xinyi, more here.
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08. Huang Xiaoming, more here.
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09. Wallace Huo, more here.
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10. Pan Chen, more here.
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    • haha i have a personal bias for him. if a photoshoot with him exists he’ll make it here somehow xD

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