Jiang Yingrong Invites You to Her “Fashion Show”


Lets follow Vivi Jiang to her Fashion Show

Jiang Yingrong is back after two years with a brand new EP. The MV to the title song “Fashion Show” has finally been reveal after two months and 20+ hours of filming. All I have to say is that – this is most definitely worth the wait.

First single’s MV “Crazy” was released along with a dance tutorial a few weeks ago.

[HNTV, fountainpark723]

4 thoughts on “Jiang Yingrong Invites You to Her “Fashion Show”

  1. Really cool song, very commercial and original. I sincerely like Vivi Jiang because she has got a beautiful voice, charisma and dancing skills, but I would like that she recorded more full albums and less EPs.

  2. while I really like this director and the MV is super pretty, I feel like the MV didn’t really fit the song. It seems like she’s more adept at “xiao qing xin” MV’s rather than flashy ones, which is what I think this song needs.

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