Top Combine Performs New Song at “China-Korea Song Festival”


Add Top Combine to the growing list of groups promoting this summer.

We’re been speculating whether or not Top Combine was preparing for a comeback after Xiao Wu appeared on Day Day Up with a new hairdo. The group finally revealed their new single Chocolate Bar at this year’s China-Korea Song Festival held in Beijing this past Thursday. On a related note, Top Combine was featured in a MBC special a while back – I don’t know what Xiao Wu is saying, but the video did prove that he doesn’t just talk with his hand when speaking Chinese. Watch the fancam version of TC’s new song below.

14 thoughts on “Top Combine Performs New Song at “China-Korea Song Festival”

  1. where can I watch the whole festival show on youtube? Did this time, China enter some good singers and groups compared to *cough* the last couple of years?

    • I heard it airing on kbs on July 3th.

      Only Anson Hu and Top Combine were the only representatives from China. -_- I have no idea how that happen. It like they were planning a Kpop concert first but then someone suggested they should invite one Cpop group and a singer so it could be a China-Korea Song Festival

      • This is getting ridiculous. The Chinese music industry is much more bigger and mature compared to the last couple of years. They could have invited Zhang Jie, RTA Youth, Pan Chen, Leehom Wang, Hit-5, Miss CAT, Alan, Hangeng, Jike Junyi, Wei Chen, and/or Jane Zhang. There needs to be restrictions put on korean music in China or they will end up having too much of an influence and share in China’s music industry. The music industry is a major player in the modern culture and a portion of China’s economy. Too much of a portion in an industry being held by a foreign country means the eventual influence and control over that country’s interests and politics. And don’t mind KBS. I’ve seen the way how they broadcasted the last couple of China-Korea festivals. They just cut all Chinese acts out and only show korean parts which is a direct insult to the Chinese people and the singers. .

        • I see.. Some of TC fans also said about this matter that KBS will cut the Chinese performance -___- But, i hope it will for TC :(

          Umm, what do u mean with “last year couple”? o_o

          • you mean “last couple of years” right? This China-Korea Song Festival is an annual show. It’s to promote cultural exchange and friendship b/w Korea and China. In reality it’s really a huge kpop concert among other things that really don’t have anything to do with promoting “friendship”. lol.

            • Yeah, I know some of Korean mindset -_- Do u know, i see some fancam closing of this event, then, none notice TC and Anson Hu. They are so really poor :( Caused most of their performer is coming from SMEnt.

              You right, this is not “friendship” at all !!! >.<

              • Exactly. This China-Korea Song Festival pretty much just gave the kpop “singers” an extra free stage to promote in China.

    • Aired in KBS on 7/3/2013, Top Combine around 25 mins into the show and Anson Hu around 46 mins into the show:

  2. are they saying “eat chocolate bar” at the beginning?… o_O

    yeah, I like seeing all of these groups coming back, they all give off a different vibe ^^

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