HIT-5 tells the light to “Shine On Me” again


car Light. Camera. SHINE!

As we previously mentioned, Hit-5 is back with a brand new album How You Been 你们还好吗. TH Entertainment invited American record producer Fingazz to oversee the production of HIT-5′s new single “Shine on Me“. The new single’s blend of Hip-Hop with disco and electronic dance music is a refreshing change from the group’s previous releases.

In the previous audio post, a few of you said you disliked the autotune. I initially didn’t like it either, but I don’t think it’s overdone in this song. I feel like HIT-5 finally found a sound/style that fits them and distinguishes them from the other groups. I also liked the water paint kind of undertone to the MV. However, lets all pretend those horrible English dialogues doesn’t exists and just enjoy HIT5’s pretty faces.


11 thoughts on “HIT-5 tells the light to “Shine On Me” again

  1. Shine On Me secretly means the girl he loves is different, she shines! I think so because she shines bright, like a white girl :D does anybody understand??? ^_^

  2. My guess is that the original composer made an english version…. and they just changed it up for chinese.

  3. I don’t mind the autotune (singing was never their strongest point), but the English is horribly cringe-worthy. Though I think they’re singing “get your body moving” instead of “get you body move it” so could be mistakes in subtitles too.

  4. Those were the most awkward english phrases/scenes ever in a professionally produced MV. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a streak in misuse of english words and phrases in Chinese pop songs. From the M.I.C. songs to Hit-5. Someone needs to fix this problem especially if they want to take a major step into the surrounding Asian nation’s music industry. Either way, nice song nevertheless.

    • I know! I cringe everytime 2Yao’s rap part comes up on Hangover II “I know why you look me your booty like fat cheese” and “oh thanks, let sex”??? At least their music is dance music so most people aren’t paying that much attention to the lyrics.

      In this one, if the English made sense and added to the theme of the song I wouldn’t care, but I felt like it was just included just so they can have that white girl in the MV. :/

      • I think they just added the english because Chinese people these days think adding english words/phrases makes their songs more “high class” or whatever it is. lol.

      • Lolz. I’m white myself since I’m a Monegasque. It’s been a while since I’ve noticed that Asians seems to look up to us Caucasians especially after traveling through China, Taiwan, and Korea. Everyone kept on looking at me and treated me a little nicer than their fellow national compatriot. At first I loved it but after a while it got a little disturbing…o.O Can someone maybe explain to me why we are treated this way? I heard it was because we whites are supposed to be rich or something but I don’t think that’s the reason though……

        • lemmie explain: Chinese people in Mainland China don’t tend to be very well educated in the outside world. They are “sheltered” and closed off. My mother’s side of the family is pure Chinese. My grandmother is a Xibe ethnic from Xinjiang who moved to Beijing and later married my grandfather who was a pure Beijinger. My grandfather’s family was rich so he attended college in the US and spent a couple of years in Europe, so he was pretty well educated academically and socially. However my grandmother was illiterate and didn’t know anything about the world and didn’t even know anything about Eastern China. If you ever met her, you’ll know what I’m talking about. x) Anyways point is, China’s people don’t really know much of the world so when they see a foreigner in their country, it’s like seeing something exotic to them. They also aren’t very well versed in the manners and culture of foreign countries so they often make mistakes overseas due to innocence and ignorance that lead to negative perceptions upon Mainlanders. Hopefully this will change as more Chinese become better educated and see and understand the world more. :D

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