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Picture is probably completely unrelated to the story, but ended up matchig one scene quite well. Drawn by Yi Chui Wu Yue.

There is the slight possibility that there will be no translation tuesday next week, and so to compensate, here are two sections for this week. At last, Prince Zhao finally makes a personal appearance! For now I’m borrowing pictures off the internet (Baiduing things like, “gentleman in purple”), but you should feel free to discuss what type of image you have so far of the characters in the comments. What are your thoughts on the story? The characters? 

03. From afar, Yun Ge watched and had the feeling that things were not all right – no, this couldn’t be happening; what sort of bandit was this ferocious? Not to mention that they would attack in broad daylight, they had managed to hold out until now! Seemed like organized crime, with no reprieve until the goal was accomplished.

As if falling in accordance with Yun Ge’s line of thought, the once periodic and half-hidden blood cries of the soldiers now became increasingly clear and fierce. The girls in the room could no longer bear it, and their sobs became louder and louder.

The imperial consort had already been very irritated. Now hearing the horror of these sobs, she loudly slapped the table, demanding, “And why do you cry?!”

With this order, this movement, the cries were cut short, with only a few low whimpers.

Yun Ge knew she shouldn’t, but she was almost unable to resist laughing.

At this time, there was a sudden noise, and Mother Zhang opened the doors, only to see a tall soldier half dyed with blood, face pale, standing outside; she could not help but cry, “Guard Li!”

This man who had been called Guard Li used one hand to hold onto the door, heavily gasped two times, and then brokenly said, “The damn bandits..they have already advanced to outside the southern cloister, we sent out…send out some brothers for help, but they were all killed…” And just as he finished, he was unable to support himself any longer, and fell forward. Fortunately, a sturdy man behind him was able to catch him

The girls in the courtyard had never expected to see a person bleeding so much in their entire life and gave pitched screams, but were quickly gagged by those around them.

Even a moron would know that the imperial consort was very annoyed. If they kept screaming like this, it was probably she would sort them out before the bandits had the chance to!

At this point the imperial consort did not care about whatever differences there were between men and woman, and ordered that Guard Li be carried into a corner of the courtyard, then told the soldiers outside to come in for a conference.

Yun Ge was by the door, and seeing the hurt soldier pass by her, faintly felt that something was wrong, and made her best to move as far away from that soldier as possible.

The head of the guard kept following by the side of the imperial consort, and had been one of the sturdy men outside the gate, around fifty years of age, with a heavyset body and a powerful appearance.

He discussed some things with the imperial consort in a low voice, YUn Ge stood not too far away from them, and faintly heard something like, “Night, guard with your life, wall,”; those types of words, and seeing the sky, she guessed that they were worried that after the sun had set, the bandits would invade under the cover of night, and find ways to scale the walls. In that case it would be difficult to tell between friend and foe, and the situation was even more unfortunate; there was a rankling feeling in her heart – so it was true that just isolating oneself in their house would draw havoc from heaven!

The imperial consort couldn’t figure out much with the guard, and then outside th cries grew louder and louder; she could only order them to guard the courtyard.

The head of the guard looked hesitantly at the girls of the courtyard. The imperial consort understood and laughed coldly, saying, “These week girls, what can they do to me?”

The guard thought a little, and then brought in some soldiers from outside to protect the comparatively weak places within the courtyard, just in case the bandits secretly entered for an internal attack.

The soldier lying bu the wall said a few low words to the soldiers around him, and the two men signaled the consort before going outside to guard the position as well.

The imperial consort walked back and forth on the courtyard a few times, then seemed to make a difference, calling forth an extraneous man and gave a few orders.

This man gave a pitched cry, “This old slave understands!”

Yun Ge felt a thrill of excitement, this man must be one of the eunuchs of legend, no wonder she had always found him a little strange!

This eunuch quickly left the courtyard, and after a while acquired a  tray with twenty little wine cups, the gusts of the light fragrance of wine was mixed with the smell of something like raw meat.

Yun Ge was wondering what this was, when she saw the girl next to her undergo a great change, an appalled, terrified expression expression on her face, her eyes staring fiexedly at the wine cups, as it there would be a poisonous snake coming out of the cup to bite her.

The eunuch put the tray in the courtyard on the Eight Immortals table, bowed to the imperial consort, and then left with the other eunuch to guard the place.

The imperial consort, seeing the sky grow gradually darker, but continued to hear the murderous cries outside, without a single soldier coming in to report good or bad news. The iron in her eyes increased, and she turned to walk next to the table, coldly saying, “Today, the evil bandits are powerful. Perhaps in a few moments they will break in. In order to protect the reputation of the prince and your chastity, if there really is such a moment, you will all drink this farewell wine. If there is a coward who trips over etiquette, then…well, just hope that in the next life, you will be born into a good family, with a wealthy husband and noble son.”

Some of the girls fainted, Yun Ge’s heart went cold. What a harsh hard, to demand that we accompany her into death!

Outside she heard the head of the guard cry, “Brothers, surround the front courtyard, and fight to the death!”

Then there was the sound of a savage laugh. “Ha ha ha, I have log heard that there are many beautiful woman hidden behind the walls of the prince’s palace, have them come out and let me meet them. If the prince doesn’t have the strength to water the flowers, well, I have plenty, I guarantee that these little beauties…”

After another wretched cry, there was the loud cry – “You dogs guarding the gates, go wait by the Yellow Springs (a place in hell), after I have had my fun, I promise to send these beauties to accompany you!” His voice was harsh and ugly.

Hearing this Yun Ge could not help but make a fist; her one thread of hope had been extinguished. Even if the imperial consort did not force them all to suicide, these badnits stll had no intention of letting them live on.

The man who spoke had no idea that these were the words that spurred Yun Ge to make a completely different choice, punching a hole in their once flawless plan.

The imperial consort’s face was black with anger as she walked towards the window, thinking about the situation.

04. Just at ths time, the soldier feebly lying int he corner, guard Li suddenly jumped up and charged towards the imperial consort with a dagger; the people of the courtyard, crying out in alarm, but unable to save her in time…!

But just when everyone was sure the imperial consort was done for, there was a massive clanging sound, and the soldier Li fell to the ground. The wreckage around him seemed to be a high stool…

And the one who had thrown the stool at this moment happened to be Yun Ge!

The two eunuchs ran up front, one protecting the imperial consort, another checking Guard Li’s nose for breath, slowly saying, “Still alive.”

The imperial consort recovered, ordering, “Tie him up!” And looked deeply at Yun Ge as she returned to the prime spot as the mistress of the yard.

There was no time to say anything, when outside the guards cried out with happiness, “The prince! The prince has brought reinforcements, brothers, we must hold out!”

The people in the court heard this, and feeling their hearts relax, felt an unrealistic hope.

Yun Ge quietly let out a sigh, fortunately they had come; it seemed like her luck wasn’t bad, what a good thing she hadn’t tried to slip any jewels!

The bandits outside saw this turn as being for the worse, and panicked; the man who had laughed wildly outside suddenly cried, “Li Kai! I have broguth revenge for your brothers, what are you doing inside?”

The guards were shocked. Li Kai was that soldier inside the court! Then the imperial consort…just as they were in shock and suspicion, the gates of the courtyard swung open, and a tied up LI Kai was dragged out and thrown out in front of the door like a dog.

The guards, seeing this, were more resolute than ever to fight. The bandits, seeing their great advantage lost, began to flee.

The head of the bandits had just charged to the front of the gate when he saw a flash of white light before his eyes; a cold wind flashing past him. He dashed to the left – but it was too late. His right shoulder hurt immensely and an arm was sliced off, fresh blood spilling violently. The head of the bandits gave a cry and fainted on the spot.

In front of the gate was an elegant gentleman in purple, standing in the pleasant breeze. If it were not for the blood stained longsword in his hand, no one would have been able to tell that the gentle young man, with a smile on the edges of his lips, was the man who could inflict such a brutal wound.

The bandits, seeing their boss fallen with just a blow, had all thoughts of battle wiped from their minds, in the time that it took to drink a small cup of tea, they were surrounded by the reinforcements the prince had brought.

The purple-clad gentleman gave it to soldier next to him with a toss and walked to the front of the  gate, calling out, “Esteemed mother, please forgive your son for arriving so late!”

The gates of the courtyard groaned open, and in the misty moonlight, the purple-clad figure was deeply ingrained in everyone’s eyes and hearts. A few girls, having been terrified out of their wits, now saw this handsome heo appear before them, and thinking that this was their master the Prince Zhao Jianshen of the country of Ji, felt ripples of both shock and happiness in their young hearts.

YUn Ge’s conscience fiercely spoke up, and she could not resist muttering, “Scourge.” (The cause of all these problems).

Zhao Jianshen, wrinkling his brow gazed over the wine cups and ignored the bows of the girls, rapidly walking towards the imperial consort and kneeling, his hands on the imperial consort’s knees trembling almost imperceptible. Just a little later, and he would have been separated from his mother forever!

Regardless of how strong a person is, they would be unable to bear such a thing!

The imperial consort reached out her hands to smooth out her son’s hair, smiling warmly, kindly as she said, “MOther is fine, mother is fine, I’m just glad you’re here. As long as my son is here, no one can hurt me.”

Mother Zhang, seeing the kindness on her mistress’ hair, could not resist wiping the teardrops at the edges ofher eyes; then, thinking of what strife there must be within the village, quickly straightened herself and found the head of the guard, arranging to send the girls who had been half-scared to death back to rest.

YUn Ge, worried for so long, upon hearing that she could now rest, happily followed the soldiers away, oblivious to the two eyes staring at her meaningfully from behind.

Returning to her own little courtyard, the soldiers checked to make sure no bandits had found their way in, and then left.

Yun Ge really wanted to just collapse on the bed and take a big nap, but she still could not help boiling a pot of water to wash up. Lying wrapped in her warm blankets, Yun Ge managed to enter a discussion with Zhou Gong (???a reference to some type of Sandman, maybe?) and slept dreamlessly until noon.

A petty servant can sleep peacefully, a person of higher standing does not have that sort of luxury.

After guiding his mother to rest, Zhao Jianshen immediately had his subordinates relate the events of the day.

Because only the southern cloister could be considered relatively whole, compared to the rest of the palace, Zhao Shenjian used the library in the southern cloister as a temporary office.

After listening to the soldiers report on how the soldiers had been injured, questioning fabout the circumstances, Zhao Jianshen surddenly furrowed his brow and asked Mother ZHang (who had just entered), “Do people come to read books here often?”

Mother Zhang froze and followed Zhao Jianshen’s gaze, and saw a book (Analysis on Agriculture/Plowing) by the window, and apologetically said, “I’m sorry, I forgot to clean up; this is something that Miss Yun Ge likes to read.”

The prince smiled lightly. “Mother Zhang, doon’t worry, today’s incidence must have tired you.”

Moter Zhang bowed her head, glad that the prince could appreciate her labor.

“Yun Ge? Was she that girl who saved mother today?” Zhao Jianshen gently drummed his fingers against the wooden table, still looking at the book.

This girl’s interest in books was really a little too weird.

Mother Zhang took the book (already at least read through by at least half) and found that there was another book underneath  it, this one on the proper etiquette for young ladies. Zhao Jianshen rifled through the books, and found among the pages a small sheet with a strange, roughly drawn face, sticking out its tongue in a quite comical fashion.

Mother Zhang also saw the picture, and her lips curled unconsciously in a smile.

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