New drama about Wei Zifu with Wang Luodan

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Just don’t forget that your husband was a brilliant jerk.

What a coincidence.

Only a few weeks ago I was rewatching Da Han Tian Zi and wishing for a drama about Wei Zifu, and I am in luck. Wang Luodan is currently filming for a new drama, The Virtuous Empress of Han Wei Zifu. This empress of the Han dynasty does seem to have a Cinderella story, going from being a lowly maid to empress of the Emperor Wu (inspiring a folk song that went something like this – don’t rejoice for having a son, don’t cry for having borne a daughter, can’t you see how Wei Zifu is becoming an overlord?) I’m really curious about how they’ll handle her relationship with her husband, whose love she monopolized for ten years…and who would end up driving her son (and her) to suicide in actual history. Look below the cut for stills.  photo 704_1008181_850416_zps6c949930.jpg
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15 thoughts on “New drama about Wei Zifu with Wang Luodan

  1. Oo Wang Luo Dan, I love her! And she looks surprisingly good with the han attire and hairstyle.. She has good face shape for it haha. I’m not good with the history of this character, but her story sounds similar to Wu Ze Tian purely from descriptions. Is it similar?

    • Doesn’t she? (Approves).

      I wouldn’t say it is, but you can be your own judge ^___^ Unlike Wu Zetian, she actually had a remarkably good, slander-free reputation; even Sima Qian (who hates on most people) had a good word to say about her. I know the song I quoted mentioned that she was becoming like an overlord, and it’s true that because of her, the Wei family was able to become very, very powerful (that is also thanks to her younger half-brother Wei Qing, who was a skilled general and gave his family more political clout while he was alive). But she still tried to reign in excesses. Nevertheless, she never had nearly the amount of power that Wu Zetian had…and they definitely went down different paths at the end.

      Basically, when she and Han Wudi were both young, Han Wudi went to his sister’s house to play. He saw the beautiful dancer Wei Zifu and brought her to the palace with him, but did not really begin to favor her until a while later, when she begged to be able to return to the home of the Pingyang princess (old or incompetent maids were sent home, and she tried to leave with them). He was struck by her beauty again, and she bore his first child (a daughter) later. Of course, Han Wudi’s first empress hated her…

      Her ending is a foregone conclusion, but I’ll stop here for the sake of spoilers. Sorry, this is really my thing; I didn’t mean to spew all of this at you.

      • No, not at all! Its great to know this or I would have had no background understanding of this story/characters. Sounds like an interesting setup
        I’m finding that the heroines of most period dramas originally resisted the idea of going to the palace (though ideally we tend to romanticize royalty), but understandably, cuz of the scheming, women fighting over the emperor, and the eunuchs (ugh evil eunuchs are the worst)

        Do we know her costars yet?

        • Raymond Lam will be playing Liu Che, and Niki Chow/Zhou Liqi have also joined the cast. One of her daughters is played by this cute little girl~ (waiting for more stills) Also, I agree, evil eunuchs are the worst. Do you have any particular ones in mind?

          There are a few approaches they could take to this. According to history Liu Che asked to go to the restroom and wanted Wei Zifu to accompany him, and used that as an opportunity to sleep with her. (Typical Han Wudi…) I feel that the drama will do something a little different, though, or make it seem like that hid something else. Otherwise it won’t be too romantic xD

  2. Which TV network is producing this drama? Please don’t tell me it’s another HunanTV production……And have you seen Han Wu Da Di? That drama was a masterpiece. :DDDDDD

    • yessss, i have! i loved it; the theme songs still make me cry~
      think it’s by “now TV” (???). raymond lam will be dear liu che

        • Hello pingan007 (or anybody who knows), I’m a huge fan of the series Han Wu Da Di. I watched it on Singapore TV in 2006 (that broadcast had English subtitles). Unfortunately my Mandarin is nowhere good enough to follow the show without subtitles, and I haven’t been able to find any subtitled video release. I’ve also searched youtube without success.

          If you have a link to a subtitled version on youtube, could you please post it here? I would be so grateful.

    • I don’t think it has a TV network yet. At first I thought it was by HuanRui (one of the dresses Wang Luodan wears in this is the same dress as the one Zhang Meng (who plays Wei Zifu) wears in Schemes of a Beauty), which produced Schemes of a Beauty through Yu Zheng Workshops … but apparently it’s not? My second guess would be the team that did Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人 with Tang Yan + Luo Jin.

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