Li Bingbing for ELLE

 photo 33487_1489002_838249_zpscacda392.jpg

Having recently verified rumors that she would take part in Transformers 4, Li Bingbing reminds us again how gorgeous she can be…and how magazines have an awful time choosing a nice picture for their covers. Look below the cut for more!
 photo 33487_1488998_201489_zps38bd634d.jpg
 photo 33487_1489001_794653_zps174f8a25.jpg
 photo 33487_1489004_660123_zpsda1f7523.jpg
 photo 33487_1489003_746457_zpsa20f015b.jpg
 photo 33487_1489000_846858_zps1c8435b6.jpg
 photo 33487_1488999_161769_zps816d3085.jpg

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