New MV for Yun Duo’s “My Loulan” and translation

A visually gorgeous music video with sweeps of desert, floating fabric, and pretty flute music is always welcome on Cfensi. Recently, Yun Duo’s song “My Loulan” (Loulan is an ancient Chinese kingdom in what is now Xinjiang) got a new MV to match, featuring the singer in floating chiffon; rather like a Loulan princess appeared from the past. They added a new flute part in the beginning (different from the original, which is still a pretty stunning music video, although I don’t think it’s official).

Look below the cut for translation of the song.

Want to ask the desert if I can borrow the thread of a melody  想问沙漠借那一根曲线
To stitch a cape to keep out the cold for you 缝件披风为你御寒

Using the bottom of my heart to touch your spirit 用肺腑去触摸你的灵魂
I am just by that furnace, seeking warmth 我就在那只火炉边取暖

Want to ask fate to let me borrow a red string 想问姻缘借那一根红线
Bury deeply the blood links of life 深埋生命血脉相连

Use silk to moisten your skin用丝绸去润泽你的肌肤
I am just lingering in that embrace我就在那个怀抱里缠绵

You always casually place a silver hairpin on the sun 你总是随手把银簪插在太阳上面
Ten thousand rays of light spread loose the waves of your long hair 万道光芒蓬松着你长发的波澜
I scent that the fragrant trek has no boundaries我闻着芬芳跋涉着无限远
Just want to see your visage clearly只为看清你的容颜
You always carelessly lean that (beauty’s) image on the moon  你总不小心把倩影靠在月亮上面
A great expanse of moonlight dancing, spurs the illusion of your elegance 万顷月光舞动着你优美的梦幻
I scent that the the fragrant treck has no boundaries我闻着芬芳跋涉着无限远
Just want to see your visage clearly 只为看清你的容颜

Who will bathe with the beauty in in the sands and rivers, serving as each other’s earth and sky?  谁与美人共浴沙河互为一天地
Who will share the pillow and sunsets with the beauty, perpetually drunk for two thousand years?谁与美人共枕夕阳长醉两千年
Never said out loud that I am your dust从未说出我是你的尘埃
But you are my Loulan 但你却是我的楼兰

*Rest is just repeats.

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2 thoughts on “New MV for Yun Duo’s “My Loulan” and translation

  1. So I wanted to do a post on Erken and was reminded of how much I loved this song. After relistening, I googled this song to see if it’s been translated before, and saw your post <3

    I really like these two lines:

    Although this line always makes me want to cry:

    I also love your translation of the thread of a melody"

    On a side note, I really wish people on I am Singer sung more underrated songs by underrated artists like this instead of the millionth rendition of 至少还有你. If even a Korean boyband's covered it, I think it's been covered enough times. I would've liked Han Hong to sing this, Li Jian to sing 藤, Tan Wewei to sing a Huang Ying song, and A-lin to sing a Liu Meilin song (胡说, maybe?).

  2. Thank you for your translation. I’ve been working on a subbed video and might include your translation in the description for further interpretation if that’s fine with you. When I started, I didn’t think that subbing would be so challenging. After all, I still am not entirely sure if the city “Loulan” (2000 years old, buried in sand) or the mummy “Beauty of Loulan” is adressed (by whom?) in this song.

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