Photoshoot Friday: June 21, 2013

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Yao Chen’s even prettier as a mother.

If Yao Chen‘s adorableness as a mother isn’t enough to make you enjoy Photoshoto Friday, then you should still look below the cut to see Li Bingbing look stunning in black and white; it was too hard to choose between them when I was setting up the cover photo. Pretty new actress Liu Yuxin, recently signed on with Huayi Brothers, also features in a lovely black and white set, and feminist Chen Ran contrasts her elegant greyscale sexy with Yao Di‘s flowery cuteness in overalls. Ren Zhong seems awed by the prettiness around him…and Zhang Yuqi grins at us in a sequined blue dress in Europe. 

01. Zhang Yuqi with more here
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02. Li Bingbing, with more here
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 photo 704_1001050_153512_zpsba54fece.jpg
 photo 704_1001046_654919_zpsd0afd4aa.jpg
03. Yao Di, with more here.
 photo 704_1000737_404281_zps4ffbbe67.jpg
05. Liu Yuxin, with more here
 photo 704_1002434_858891_zps06abe9a2.jpg
 photo 704_1002440_332627_zps69d2ff1f.jpg
06. Ren Zhong, with more here.
 photo 704_1002399_512571_zpsc5870de3.jpg
07. Yao Chen, more here
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 photo 704_1002176_592139_zps6fb501f1.jpg
 photo 704_1002173_282862_zpsc3aa163a.jpg
 photo 704_1002174_823150_zps943f4195.jpg
08. Chen Ran, more here.
 photo 704_1000952_859882_zpsc99c8e22.jpg
09. Yuan Shanshan, more here.
 photo 704_1000526_633081_zps51fab220.jpg
 photo 704_1000527_901427_zps4a210784.jpg

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