Weibo Wednesday: June 19, 2013

陈学冬cheney: 拍完小时代我们都吃胖了。。。

You may have thought that the Tiny Times (小时代) movie cast was filled with ridiculously good-looking people, but it turns out they were actually all sumo wrestlers in disguise… Just kidding! This is just Chen Xuedong, Kai Ko, Rhydian Vaughan, and Xie Yilin putting in an appearance on Happy Camp. What shenanigans are they up to this time? Check out the episode when it airs on June 22nd.

After filming Tiny Times, we all became fat from eating…

柯震東Kai: 祝我生日快樂!謝謝所有支持我的人!愛你們!也謝謝"小時代"的大家!我愛你們!感情永不滅……抱歉又官腔了!

The cast and crew also came together to celebrate Kai Ko‘s 22nd birthday, which was on June 18.

Happy birthday to me! Thank you to all those who support me! I love you all! And thank you also to the big family of “Tiny Times!” I love you all! My gratitude will never die… sorry, I’m sounding insincere again!

姜潮: @柯震東Kai 凯凯.生日快乐.我爱你们!

And have a photo of Kai with Jiang Chao, because… well, why not?

@Kai Ko: Kai Kai, happy birthday. I love you all!

Speaking of ridiculously good-looking people, here is Liu Yifei enjoying some downtime. I bet your friends wish their Instagram photos looked this good.

何炅: 大眼仔向大家问好!说不出哪儿像啊!#怪兽大学#

Do you think He Jiong looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters University?

Mike [literally, “Big Eyes”], say hello to everyone! I can’t say which parts of us are similar! #Monsters University#

王傳一本人: 我喜歡短褲~~涼快!

Button-down shirt and a nice jacket… plus shorts and slippers!? It’s amazing what Kingone Wang can pull off.

I like shorts~~ pleasantly cool!

邱澤日記: 捷報,珠海站雷諾2000方程式亞洲組冠軍

Yaaay, Roy Qiu won another racing trophy! He placed first in the Asian division, which he accomplished earlier this year as well.

Victory report, champion of the Zhuhai Formula Renault 2000, Asian division

王力宏: 對不起,正在開車不便發微博:第二集

Wang Leehom says no to drinking and driving… er, I mean Weibo-ing and driving.

Sorry, I’m driving, so I can’t post on Weibo: Episode 2

高以翔Godfrey: Care for some tea? 下午茶嗎?

Some people like tea. Some people like Godfrey Gao. And some people like tea and Godfrey.

Afternoon tea?

And here is Zhao Wei with a deer.

赵薇: 可爱的小鹿

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