“Tribal” Group Wow Judges on Chinese Idol


(L-R) Hui Yuoyunfu (妥云福), Menba Yangjima (央吉玛), Kazakh Ah Lai (阿来), and Mongolian Husileng (呼斯楞).

The group’s diverse ethnic backgrounds (Hui, Mamba, Kazakh, Mongolian) isn’t the only reason they named themselves Tribal Group; the group members all sat down on the floor at the same time, while all other groups are standing during their first meeting. The group chose to do a remake of judge Coco Lee‘s Missing You for 365 Days, which Coco invited the group to perform at her future concerts. Watch the breathtaking performance below.

[Chinese Idol, Dragon Television, kankanewstvshow]

6 thoughts on ““Tribal” Group Wow Judges on Chinese Idol

  1. I have been listening to this song so many times, it bring me so much joy every time, I am not only love them but also this particular song. Well done, Chinese Idol.

  2. Wah~ I remember watching his audition but I didn’t know Tuo Yunfu was Hui! Hui pride wheee~ Their performance was so good! I think it’s great that they decided to do Coco’s song. Also, I love Yangjima’s voice, she can do so much with it.

  3. That Mongolian dude is from CCTV right?

    I’ve seen him several times with that exact same shirt singing traditional mongolian ethnic songs like “auspicious prairie” on CCTV performances.

    • Yeah, I thought he looked kind of familiar… and his voice was really familiar, too. And I know I’ve seen Yangjima before as well.

      But if they’re bringing in CCTV people, they should have 卞英花 audition! She’s an amazing singer. She does all the soft, gentle notes, but she has a huge range and can really belt it out. And she speaks English, too. (I totally met her once~ eee!)

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