Movie “The Palace” Releases First Trailer


I love this contrast between the two characters

Anyone following Yu Zheng on weibo probably knows that he’s been wanting to make a movie for a while now. Yu Zheng has finally achieved that dream with The Palace, part of his popular time-travel intrigue franchise.

Chen Xiang (Zhou Dongyu) enters the palace and befriend the ambitious Liu Li (Zhao Liying). While Liu Li attempts to set up “accidental” meeting for herself with the princes, Chen Xiang has a chance encounter with the 13th Prince (Chen Xiao). However, Liu Li betrays and frame Chen Xiang to become the wife of the 13th Prince. Are Chen Xiang and 13th Prince destined to be or will she fall into the arms 9th Prince (Zhu Zixiao)?


Source: HNTV [1,2]

9 thoughts on “Movie “The Palace” Releases First Trailer

    • I wouldn’t trust the history in one of YU Zheng’s dramas… :P
      but it does look like it’ll be great eye-candy~

  1. So happy for Chen XIao’s first film lead! The films looks non-Yu Zheng-ish? The lighting and lines are so artsy rather than flashy and colorful.
    Also, Yu Zheng really needs a new poster designer. All of his recent posters (Legend of Lu Zhen, Like butterfly like fireworks, this) make his dramas seem like horror films …

  2. I really like the trailer but since it is by Yu Zheng I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Even though this movie is called “Palace,” does the plot have no relation to the previous dramas of Gong?

  3. when chen xiao’s character says that ‘wo zhi yi sheng dou bu hui fu ni’ I elt like we are brought back to Legend of Lu Zhen again. Just that he says it to another woman.

  4. zhao liying looked fine in her own poster, but when you compare the two like htat, her face looks really ashy…
    egad am i actually looking forward to a yu zheng production!?! it looks pretty high quality…

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