Music Monday: June 17, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

We are adding a new section to this week’s Music Monday – Nostalgic, where we dig up oldie classics. Also, many thanks to Benji for covering Music Monday last week and maybe for the next few weeks as well.

First, Nana Xu Yina‘s MV for her new single Want Love was released awhile ago, but I never got around to posting it. Nana first debuted in 2010, but was met with little success. She then participated on Amazing Voice (天籁之声) and gained a spot on CCTV’s New Gala. This slightly rock song is a nice change from the purely innocent or sexy image common among cpop females singers.

New MVs

Yun Duo (云朵) penned the lyrics and composition for Stubborn (倔强) herself. Just in time for graduation, the beautifully made MV reminds us that no matter how tough life seems, don’t give up on your dream.

This mellow rap song by composed by Tan Wei Xing (谭炜星) features the voice of another post-90er Ben Xi (本兮). A Story (一个故事) about first love and growing up.

Yeah Fyone Chen (陈慧莹) I wish I had a Wishing Closet (许愿衣橱) full of all the stuff I want too… .

09Chen (陈零九) shows you what it feels like when you are only Left with Expectation of Love. (当爱只剩下期待)

Performance Highlights

Yu Kewei (郁可唯) singing a ethnic song Lotus Pond (荷塘月色) for this week’s Mad for Songs (我为歌狂).

HOPE working really hard on their harmonization, barely making it into next week with Mayday’s You Are Not Truly Happy (你不是真正的快乐) on this week’s X-Factor China (中国最强音).

Hawick Lau performing the ending theme to A Bright Midsummer Day at The Shanghai Film Festival. Yang Mi was also in attendance with the cast of Tiny Times.


Bii (毕书尽) singing the theme song I Know to Taiwanese drama Love Around (真爱黑白配). This song is also on his new album Come Back to Bii. You can tell he worked really hard on his Chinese pronunciation.

Ren Zhong (任重) singing A Love Song (一首情歌) to [a certain someone] in the drama New Era of Love (新恋爱时代).

Zhao Yihuan (赵奕欢) singing the theme song Can Return to the Past (回不去的过去) for the upcoming comedy horror flick The Supernatural Events on Campus 校花诡异事件.


Yep. A Classic.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: June 17, 2013

  1. I like Xu Yina’s new song, she has a strong voice! I remember seeing her on 直通春晚, I hope she’s not getting anymore hate for beating out the guy from The Voice ><

  2. Aw, I love Bii, but I wish he would get rid of that earring. It’s really… ill-fitting. = _ =
    But it’s an okay song~

    And those Hope boys are barely even harmonising. For the most part, they’re just all singing the same notes in unison… [siiigh]

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