Tong Liya stars in strangely named new comedy “Weaning”

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Tong Liya’s new drama is a comedy. So far, its name at least is living up to the genre; it’s called “Weaning,” as in, “weaning a child from milk.” Starring Tong Liya, Lei Jiayin, Luo Jin, and Lin Yuan, the drama tells the story of a post 80s couple. Here, the prissy “An Qi” (Tong Liya) and her “It Boy” (played by Lei Jiyin) are to be married within weeks. Two young adults, who had once only needed to say the word to be given clothing and food, now face the difficulties of reality. They must start becoming adjusting to their new life, from the base up. And so, every week this couple will go to the An family home for food and for laundry, up until our female lead becomes pregnant. Then the family’s care and worry becomes even more overbearing…The problems of married life, conflicts over child rearing, and (what!) feelings outside of marriage begin to surface. Look below the cut for more pictures – even if you just want to see Tong Liya with fabulous styling. 

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She’s going to play a mom?

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