Yu Xiaotong & Jiang Meng Jie Photoshoot in Paris


Dream of the Red Chamber couple’s 2nd life reunion in the romantic city of Paris

Despite the slight age difference Yu Xiaotong and Jiang Mengjie compliment each other quite well in the photo shoot for Figaro China. We’ve seen odder pairing for the 19-year-old Yu Xiaotong, remember this performance on Strictly Come Dancing with Liu Meihan? Jia Mengjie have been busy filming The Diamond’s Dream 一克拉梦想, which should be airing sometime this year. Her co-stars include Kang Qingzi (HZGG), Chi Shuai (Temptation), and Li Mao. Catch Yu Xiaotong on this week’s Happy Camp with Kimi Qiao. View highlights from this photoshoot


Source: Sina Photo (original)

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