Photoshoot Friday: June 14, 2013

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Zhou Xun sets a high standard with her grace here.

Bride-to-be Zhang Xinyi was gorgeous in lace and feathers for Modern Bride; she and Zheng Leipai‘s sweeping dresses help create a sort of Gothic theme for this round up. Qin Lan has a pixie cut with threads of red and blue, and Dong Xuan looks surprised in her almost gloomy set. Zhang Jingchu, with her role in upcoming movie The Switch, is confident against red lacquer, and Shu Qi adds a few more long dresses to our collection of fashionable gowns. I’ve always thought hat Eddy Peng had the cutest baby face, but he really exudes a new type of maturity for Milk.

Perhaps most exciting of all…look at the end of the shoot for a little surprise regarding Yao Chen. It must be significant if Bazaar gives her three covers for it. Look below the cut for more pictures. 
01. Qin Lan, with more here.
 photo 40056_273930_458435_zpsbb8b4076.jpg
02. Zhang Xingyi, more here
 photo 37294_237957_778424_zps32d8ab97.jpg
 photo 37294_237958_612415_zps1e0238a1.jpg
 photo 37294_237959_440734_zpscd53097e.jpg
 photo 37294_237960_794038_zps2d2c7d3f.jpg
 photo 37294_237961_456004_zpse300e00f.jpg
 photo 37294_237963_701862_zps2c0dbb30.jpg

03. Dong Xuan, with more here.
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 photo 704_860008_219076_zpse98414a0.jpg

04. Zhang JIngchu, more here.
 photo 37294_244678_519196_zps01fe3886.jpg
 photo 37294_244675_772978_zps4f26340f.jpg
 photo 37294_244676_967785_zpsc429593b.jpg
05. Shu Qi, more here.
 photo 28304_1811723_705912_zpse9ab3a6f.jpg
 photo 28304_1811724_748738_zps449f5e59.jpg
06. Zheng Leipai, more here.
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 photo 703_575350_425955_zps78ff5941.jpg
 photo 703_575351_275412_zps32fc92cd.jpg

07. Eddy Peng, more here.
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 photo 704_997947_670865_zpsa34d1b54.jpg
08. Yao Chen

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 photo 43198_292364_166434_zpsfbe05289.jpg
 photo 43198_292362_102161_zps0b59d64b.jpg

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