Weibo Wednesday: July 12, 2013

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何炅: 复习阶段终于要结束了,这两天好好调整,7号8号好好发挥。还是那句话,两天决定不了一生。更何况,你能考好!相信自己。

He Jiong encourages students to study hard, and hopes for their success.

The national college entrance examinations (aka “gao kao”) have taken place in China – join the celebs in wishing students the best of luck in this stressful test! You don’t see Western celebs wishing their followers luck on the SATs…this is a big deal.

Also, tease Chen Xiao about childhood crossdressing alongside Sun Jian. You and I will both be happy when Jo comes back with her fabulous posts.

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Huang Xiaoming: I have three friends. After retweeting this weibo, one went to Beijing University, one went to Qinghua (both top schools), another to ______?

…At the moment, around 45k people have retweeted it. Ulterior motive?

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Du Haitao: Legend says that all those who retweeted this got 100%

So I retweeted it.

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孙坚: 对,小时候我妈就给我穿的是这样的衣服,到现在都恨着呢〜不过图中不是我,@陈晓 你不勒的慌吗?

Sun Jian: Right, when I was little my mom made me wear this type of costume, even now I hate it…~ But it’s not me in this photo, @Chen Xiao

How did he get his hands on this….? 

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谢娜: 睡前送上一张我和美人儿的合照,还有我们店的甜品美酒咖啡,感谢大家,甜品店的梦想实现了,也祝大家好梦成真,晚安

Xie Na’s selca is pretty.

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Li Yundi looks forward to his next concert in the pool. Aw. 

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Yang Yang: Little wishes, big happiness!

Happy Birthday to Yang Yang. I want her cake.

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Angelababy: 如果有一本书,上面有你的结局,你敢打开来看吗?

Angelababy: If there was a book with your ending written in it, would you  have the courage to open it? 

Philosophical thought of the day.

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