Music Monday: June 10, 2013

Oh, ho, ho! What’s this? Music Monday is here? And you all thought we were going on hiatus? *Acting!
Sorry for the delay (but it’s still Monday in, like, Hawaii).

Former Morning Musume member, Linlin 琳琳, draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland in the music video for 戰豆 Fighting. Keep an eye out for a dancing Spider-Man.

Audio tracks

Sun Zihan 孙子涵 goes slightly rockish with 想做回Bad Boy.

Men Li 门丽 also takes the rock route with 爱中过枪 Love in a Gun.

Li Mengyao 李梦瑶 and some rapping in 可能 Possible.

Lin Yuzhong 林宇中 is Willing 舍得 (apparently).

Music videos

Voice of China season one alumna, Wang Yuling, releases the video for her latest jazz-pop song 铆钉 Rivet. The guys in this video have no apparent qualms about drinking “girly” cocktails: +1 for gender equality in Chinese music vieos.

Experimental boyband RTA release “Change.”

Tibetan girl group, the Three Snow Lotus Sisters 雪莲三姐妹, diverge slightly from their folk roots in 美丽的家乡 Beautiful Home.

Soundtrack releases

Liu Zhenyu 刘振宇 and Voice of China singer, Quan Zhendong 权振东, duet in Destiny 天命, the theme song to Switch 天机·富春山居图.

Jin Zhiwen 金志文 sings a Letter to a First Love 写给初恋的一封信 for Youth Code 青春守则.

小5‘s To War 离殇 from 唐朝好男人 A Good Tang Dynasty Man.

And Sun Zihan‘s Tang Ren 唐人 is also from the same series.


Chinese Idol contestant Su Dingqi auditions with And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going) from the broadway musical Dreamgirls, and receives a standing ovation from Coco Lee and Huang Xiaoming.

X-Factor boyband, Hope, perform Marry You by Bruno Mars with some surprising attempts at harmonies.

Huang Ling sings “Rose, Rose, I Love You” on reality singing show 我为歌狂 Mad For Music.

Also on Mad For Music, 2005 Super Girl contestant, Ji Minjia 纪敏佳, performs 天堂 Heaven by Mongol singer Tengger 腾格尔, reminding us that Sichuan is a hotbed for Chinese vocal talent.

Fellow Super Girl, 2009 winner Jiang Yingrong 江映蓉, rehearses the choreography for Crazy.

* = No, no, but we really will be slowing down over the Winter appropriate series of months where the weather becomes either seasonably warm or seasonably cold, depending on your location, or where one might experience less rain for our more tropical readers. I just got your hopes up for nothing!

Enjoy the music!

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    • I know, right? : (
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