Theme song released for upcoming movie The Switch

There is a room of glowing blue fetuses in this film. We can safely argue that it will be somewhat interesting.

(jjss08: Credit for the following belongs to idarklight. This was from a post she did on the movie on the dramaddicts site, and was too well-written for me to ignore). One of the Ten Famous Chinese Paintings,  Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains also has symbolic value, although the advertising seems to avoid the political significance of the film.  It was burnt into two pieces in 1650. In the 1950′s, one of the pieces was taken to Taiwan, where it remains in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The other piece is currently in Hangzhou.  In 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao used the painting as a part of a response to a question on cross-strait trade relations by a Taiwanese reporter.

“In the Yuan Dynasty, there was a painter called Huang Gongwang. He painted a famous painting, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains . Hundreds of years later, the painting passed down many hands, but now I know that half is in the Hangzhou museum and part is in Taipei’s National Palace Museum. I hope that one day, the paintings could reunite to become one again. When even paintings are like this, what about people?” Wen said.

In 2011, with the help of Liu Changle, CEO of Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV, the two museums collaborated to unite the two pieces in Taipei for a special exhibit. Since then, Wen Jiabao has commented painting in both 2011 and 2012 in response to questions about Taiwan, each time with his signature poetic eloquence.

Look below the cut for gorgeousness from Lin Chiling, Tong Dawei, Zhang Jingchu, and Andy Lau. 

 photo 3135_1315121_162320_zpsa1e7b59d.jpg
 photo 704_993691_991836_zpsb66d9d13.jpg

 photo 3135_1315110_798517_zpsac875aa8.jpg
 photo 704_907765_364352_zpsac7c793a.jpg
 photo 704_907742_897446_zps43b24100.jpg
 photo 704_917172_861556_zpsf52331fb.jpg
 photo 27990_1984238_746791_zpsc18a1d63.jpg
 photo 704_917175_228700_zpsa6dacb30.jpg

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  1. Wen said that? That’s very deep……..just depends whether the ears that need to be listening are willing to listen. lol. If the listener is unwilling to accept the truth, then no matter how much you preach, you are blabbering at a blank wall. The listener is Ying. The speaker is Yang. A message can not be passed if one is missing. Sorry for my indirect speech here.

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