Photoshoot Friday: June 7, 2013 – Blue skies everywhere

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Zhou Xun models the pose you should follow in order to embark on your adventure.

Live vicariously through these photoshoots – Li Yuchun is clearly enjoying herself by the ocean, Liang Jing sits by the ocean, and Bai Baihe seems to be ready to surf in the ocean. Zhang Zilin is perfectly at ease as she travels under open skies (towards the ocean, maybe?) Zhou Xun, though, stays in the city (and looks gorgeous even with thick eyebrows!), and Jane Zhang surrounds herself with marble statues. There’s also a very elegant and posh Jing Tian for L’Officiel (who wears a dress that is suspiciously similar to one we have seen Zhao Wei and Lin Zhiling wear here). Look under the cut for loads of pictures! 
01. Zhou Xun, with more here.
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02.Jane Zhang Liangying, more here.
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03. Zhang Zilin, more here.
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04. Jing Tian, more here.
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05. Li Yuchun, more here
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06. Bai Baihe, more here
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07. Liang Jing, more here.
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