Announcement: Cfensi writers on vacation

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Liang Jing looks like she’s having fun – wait for Friday to see the rest of her shoot in our weekly round up.

I hope that you have come to enjoy the new weeklies as much as I have (Weibo Wednesday? Music Monday? Kudos to Jo and SJZGloria for their excellent posts!). However, our writers are rather busy this summer (winter, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere!) – and unlike Liang Jing in our feature post, they are not lounging at the beach. Photoshoot Friday will still be regularly posted, but Music Monday and Weibo Wednesday will be somewhat irregular.

We are also introducing a new weekly, Translation Tuesday. At the moment there is nothing in particular we want to translate (feel free to offer novel suggestions in the comments!), but readers can leave comments with each post for song translation requests. (Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for this post, even).

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jjss08 joined Cfensi in 2011, and will stay with Cfensi until she finds a method of time-traveling other than drama-stalking. She has an unhealthy bias for ancient dramas and pretty people in pretty clothes.

9 thoughts on “Announcement: Cfensi writers on vacation

  1. I totally enjoy Music Mondays and the other articles too.
    Everyone deserves a little break though. Hope our writers get to rejuvenate over the summer and For now I’ll just look forward to the day Music Monday, etc. come back to us.

  2. Novel translation is a good idea as it is seriously lacking out there. Ancient novels are more sought after and harder to translate. By the way 三生三世十里桃花 has already been translated to English so better don’t duplicate. I think the prologue and chapter 1 of 华胥引 have English translation. Just google for them.

  3. Oh hi! I’m not really new here but never comment pardon.
    Can I suggest some novel that I have read and enjoy it very much? When you say novel you mean chinese novel right?XD Then:

    听雪楼-by 沧月 (Pretty famous there, wuxia, BE)
    七夜雪-by 沧月 (Critically acclaimed, wuxia, BE)
    夜行歌-by 紫微流年 (The first part of the story is wuxia… the second part is… I don’t know family disputes?XD anyway HE)
    黑白-by 朝小诚 (Modern, about a married couple: a mafia boss and a innocent but very acculturated girl. lol HE)
    听风-by 景行 (Modern, pretty short compares to the others here. HE)
    三生三世十里桃花-by 七唐公子 (Well really famous, fantasy/myth/acient, HE)
    华胥引-by 七唐公子 (Ok this is really famous as well fantasy/acient…BE)
    独步天下-by 李歆 (Time travel, historical, about the earlier qing dynasty. The girl travel two times, the fist time she become DongGe, the jurchen’s first beauty, the second time she become Harjol, HuangTaiJi’s love, It’s pretty long, BE)
    我的温柔宝君-by 墨舞碧歌 (Time travel but not historical. Really, really, really loooong about more than 400 chap, took me a week to finish it, HE)
    非我倾城 王爷要休妻-by 墨舞碧歌 (Sequel to the first one but can be read as a separated story, time travel and reaaaaaallllly long as well. more than 400 chap. Yeah another week to finish thisXD. This author always choose lame title for her novel loooool. HE)

    • ahhh those would be good!!!
      i agree, can you translate novels? may be not the long ones, but popular short stories in china right now

      • Actually both my level of english and chinese aren’t so good to let me translate novel… -.-. It’s sad because I really wish I could cause there are so beautiful novel wrote by mailanders every year that it’s a shame that just chinese people and who know chinese well can enjoy it…

        • Novel or short story suggestions are both fine, although I will prefer shorter works without 400 chapters ^^; (since I will be the one doing the translation, for the most part)

          • lol
            Then you can try 听雪楼’s first story called 血薇,it’s the story of the two main characters from the point view of a sword. It’s the most popular one of all the stories of 听雪楼. There’s also a manhuaXD. Really short, just one chapter.
            Actually 沧月 has many short but good stories like 剑歌 a wuxia composed by two different stories.

            黑白,听风,三生三世十里桃花 are medium/short and they are pretty popular especially the third one.

            You can also try some taiwanese novels, they are pretty short. Just ten chapters. 幽兰 and 天人系列宿命 are good.

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