City of Hopeless Love’s concept art and stills for “Thirteenth Moon”

 photo 704_889757_744354_zps636e2ba5.jpg

Ye Zhen, the female lead of the series, is played by Lin Yuan and has yet to make an appearance in the stills. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Concept art is gorgeous; artists can get away with colorful costumes and unusual hair coloring much more easily than directors can. You can enjoy some gorgeous art for City of Hopeless Love (more here) at the end of the post. (Loads of stills under the cut today). 

On another note, stills for Guo Zhenni‘s chapter, “Thirteenth Moon,” have recently been released. Guo Zhenni plays a pair of twin sisters, one who is the assassin Yingge. Her sister marries her first love, while the male lead of this subplot accidentally marries Yingge. Although he finds out about the deception, he ends up wholly in love with her (within three days!?). He becomes willing sacrifice all for her; ie,  protecting her man(?) and ultimately dying of poison in order to protect her. I’m waiting for the actual drama to come out to learn where the dream weaving comes in. photo 704_981463_186944_zpsc3770637.jpg

 photo U2520P28DT20130427111924_zpsd01e7e7b.jpg photo U9663P28T3D3908241F326DT20130425153357_zpsd7936bae.jpg
 photo U5913P28T3D3908245F329DT20130425153632_zps4fb9f861.jpg
 photo 704_981464_759067_zps57ef95e2.jpg
 photo U5913P28T3D3908245F326DT20130425153632_zps1ab1343b.jpg
 photo 704_981465_255995_zpse8743b14.jpg

 photo 704_889756_165874_zps617d24c8.jpg

Another still of Ye Zhen.

Kevin Cheng’s character, Su Yu.

 photo 704_889755_545827_zps961d5f82.jpg photo 704_889754_898457_zpsda62a7ed.jpg
 photo U1584P28T3D3865584F326DT20130227141706_zpsc3f6c7b4.jpg

Jiang Xin’s character, Song Ning

 photo 704_889753_414364_zps888861e0.jpg photo 704_889752_421534_zpsec922634.jpg

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  1. Is this one of those wuxia dramas or historical dramas? I swear to god that the costumes in these period dramas have gotten more and more inaccurate and gaudy lol.

    • This is a fantasy drama loosely adapted from a novel called Hua Xu Yin. The concept art looks so much better than the actual costumes.

      • the costumes in these stills are actually better than…well, everything that Gan Tingting and most of the rest of the class wears. (Sigh, they look like something out of a cosplay or video game; not natural at all in a drama…)

        • Thanks for posting. Yes, i saw some of those costumes, eyesore:( Luckily Jiang Xn & Yuan Hong have the best costumes so I can at least watch a qtr of the drama, lol.

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