Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang prettiness, among other eyecandy for new drama The Four

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Zheng Shuang is a guest star in this new drama.

Disclaimer: Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are not lovers this time; my shipping goggles just automatically pair them together. (What can you expect when Zhang Han says things like, “If Zheng Shuang ever needed plastic surgery, then there are no beautiful girls“?)

Featuring Zhang Han, Mickey He Chen Weiting, Mao Zijun, Li Qing, Gui Gui, and Zhang Meng, the drama recently wrapped up filming. Look below the cut for loads of stills (a few of them couple stills) and a brief on the Zhang Han-Zheng Shuang interaction (in the drama)

So here, idarklight wanted to know if Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han would have a scene together in upcoming drama The Four. And the answer is…

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By all accounts, it would appear yes! Zheng Shuang is a crippled, but brilliant doctor who saves Zhang Han’s life.

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Zhang Han celebrates another reunion with Zheng Shuang.

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17 thoughts on “Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang prettiness, among other eyecandy for new drama The Four

  1. she definitely looked different after taking haitus for awhile ago.
    A person does not change dramatically in a short period. especially asian,as they age slower.but to me, she look like late 20s women now.
    she defintiely go under the knife.

  2. 1. The images are all quite photoshopped.
    2. The image ratio is off in some of them.
    3. She may have gained a bit of weight.
    4. She also probably grew up. We have to remember that she was REALLY young in Meteor Shower.

      • I definitely think she’ve gotten plastic surgery. Her face seem so 僵 now and her lips look really strange… more plum looking. I heard from a friend that professors of Beijing Films Academy (etc) actually insist students getting minor surgeries.

        • or maybe she just grew up? A lot people still haven’t fully “grown out” when they are 18. I look so different from my 18 year old self.

          And make up and lighting in dramas and photos can effect the way a person looks

          • She does look kind of different from before, her face is a lot rounder and her eyes as well. Or it could just be photoshop? Seriously though, with her looks she really doesn’t need plastic surgery.

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