Music Monday: June 3, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This week we have rap, r&b, electronic dance, ballad, zhong guo feng, and boy bands… First Momo Wu 吴莫愁, the 20 year old Voice of China runner up released her debut MV Right Now 就现在.

New Songs

Namigirl release a teaser for her new song U Never Know
. While her rythme and flow is good, her lysics (which she writes herself) really need some work.

Xu Liang 徐良 ft. Yang Xi 杨曦 for this Xiao Qing Xin love song “His Cat 他的猫”.

Tong Keke‘s Can Live Well Alone 一个人也能好好过. She has one of those “baby voice” that really annoys me, but after a few listens the song kind of grew on me.

New MVs

Liu Meilin relases the MV for the song which was post on last week’s Music Monday Should Grow 该不该长大.

Ai Xiaoqi‘s Starlight is the story of the girlfriend of a musician.

Edell Ai released the Chinese version of her new song “Standing Here 站在这里”.

Linda Lv Wen questions the world with “Why 到底是为了什么” which is from her new album Dream Time Money 梦想 时间 金钱.

The 2006 supergirl duet Reborn returns with an electronic dance track “Save Me 救救我”. The girls have been inactive since releasing their debut album after supergirl, though they did have guest appearance in a few dramas.

Performance Highlights

Justin Lo performing a R&B version of the classic love song from Unchained Melody from Ghost soundtrack on Songs of Legend.

HOPE continues to eliminate judges’ favorite this week. The group the judges put together during bootcamp improved a lot this week – they can now harmonize. The group performed Tanya Chua’s Don’t Bother Me.

Top Combine (minus Xiao Wu) showing off their futuristic dance moves on Dance for Your Life. Xiao Mei’s career line is showing…

Tang Yixin (Legend of Lu Zhen) on Dance for Your Life.

Dance Choreography

7Sense release the dance practice video of their new song Jade to Smoke 玉生烟.

Edell Ai release the dance version of Fighting Girl 女战神 (starts at 2:00)


Li Daimo (李代沫) of The Voice of China, sings the ending theme “Not There Yet 到不了” for the upcoming drama The Third Love starring Zhang Xinyi and Li Guangjie.

Jay Chou penned the theme song to NetEase’s new online game Tang Warriors 2. The song is performed by NetEase’s CEO Ding Lei and Ling Zhiling.

5 thoughts on “Music Monday: June 3, 2013

  1. Diversity/sophistication in Music + x = A mature music industry

    x = promotion/Marketing sophistication and consistency

    We are missing x. If we have x, then the Chinese music industry can finally take flight.

    • I thought cpop was just ballad when I first got into cpop but now I realize just how diverse the industry is. But there’s no music programs to show off the song in China like there is in Korea or Japan. And no talk show to show off the personality of singers, and there’s only a limited number of variety shows…

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