Trailer for Bu Bu Jing Qing released

Not everyone was pleased with this trailer for Tangren’s new drama, sequel to their hit Bu Bu Jing Xin, starring Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu, Jiang Jinfu, Zheng Yike, Annie LiuI wonder if Tong Hua feels like her story has been butchered, and if she begins to understand the fury I feel at her for what she did to Liu Bingyi in Song in the Clouds.

Official synopsis and a few mores stills for Bu Bu Jing Qing below the cut. Zhang Xiao (Liu Shishi) is an a white collar worker who, like the majority of people, dreams of beautiful love and a stable job. In a twist of fate, she receives a job at the famed “Shaking Heaven” corporation. Upon entry she is like all the newcomers, jostled from all sides, but fortunately, she is cared for by her superior Yin Zheng (Nicky Wu). Eventually they become familiar with another, and a sort of sentiment that is difficult to describe develops. At the same time, another kind, gentle, caring man named Kang Sihan enters Zhang Xiao’s world. It turns out that both he and Yin Zhen are potential heirs for the Shaking Heaven corporation, and Zhang Xiao is drawn into their family battle for the inheritance. After a series of unforseen events, Zhang Xiao finally understands where her true love lies, and chooses to bravely walk him towards happiness. (Who bets it won’t be the man that Nicky Wu plays?)

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3 thoughts on “Trailer for Bu Bu Jing Qing released

  1. I feel bad, that Nicky Wu and Cecilia won’t be having a happy ending in this drama either. how is this fun for the fans? weird.

    I’m just happy to see Annie Liu got a bit of happiness in the new sequel but then ended up with the ending. oh well, looking forward to see how this turns out

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