Photoshoot Friday: May 31, 2013 – Dreamland edition

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There’ll be two parts to the photoshoot round up this week; part two will be out shortly. Yao Chen was married a few months ago, but now she’s sharing lovely stills from her wedding (preparations?) with us.  Eva Huang Shengyi seems to be competing with Snow White; elegant with white and red lips. Fan Bingbing‘s shoot with Aarif Lee is so sugary and pink that it could give you diabetes – thought some people might argue that the mother and daughter photoshoot Che Rao and Wang Li are showing us is even sweeter.

01. Yao Chen (from 2012 but recently released) photo 704_980426_316404_zps8b7d705a.jpg photo 704_980428_380020_zps36b91a1b.jpg
02. Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee, with more here.
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 photo 704_978994_854872_zps3ce9eb35.jpg
 photo 704_978995_404989_zpse9a13f57.jpg
03. Eva Huang Shengyi, who’ll be diving synchronised with Charlene Choi this week on Celebrity Splash.  more here.
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 photo 704_979500_938875_zpsce29b07d.jpg
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04. Che Rao and Wang Li, more here.
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    this is actually the first round up that Cfensi did~
    but anyways, even if i say b&w are more stunning…
    in general, i found pictures simply pleasing to watch~
    of course… the ones that gives us the good, happy, warm-fuzzy feeling of course~ =]

    • that’s already happened to me
      looking at all these pretty people has given me unrealistic expectations about…everyone else?

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