Photoshoot Friday: May 31, 2013 (Black and White edition)

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Yao Chen squeals over the existence of a purely black and white photoshoot round up, but she should be more excited about a post with more men than women.

I need to publish this post before we end up with more girls than boys again, and I need to think of a new caption. Note: These photos were often black and white selections from shoots with a wider variety of color. Take a look!

Yao Chen takes the cover of this round-up, embodying the elegance that oozes out of old black and white photographs. Jing Boran peaks out from behind bars, and Yu Haoming reposes like an old world count. Han Geng‘s expression is Gothic and gloomy. Zhang Ziyi looks like she could be in a shampoo commercial in her two shoots, and Hu Jun – like all the men in these shoots, actually – suits up for his set. 

01. Yao Chen, with more here.
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02. Jing Boran, with more here.
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03. Yu Haoming, more here.
 photo 704_982064_813113_zps1c5c66dc.jpg
 photo 704_982065_477462_zps1b894777.jpg
04. Han Geng, more here.
 photo 704_984553_635887_zps74544d77.jpg
 photo 704_984548_531194_zps6fe7f2e4.jpg
05. Zhang Ziyi, more here and here
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 photo 42316_287357_857612_zps804d28ec.jpg
 photo 42316_289218_408093_zps1a104ee8.jpg
 photo 42316_289220_793462_zps4153dc48.jpg
06. Hu Jun, with more here. .
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5 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: May 31, 2013 (Black and White edition)

  1. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    wow… these photos are absolutely stunning.
    there’s just something about black and white photos that just… has this certain charm to them.
    although color photos bring out the vividness of colors…
    black and white photos just seem to capture a lot of attention.
    well… i seem to think so. lol

  2. Friday came way too quickly this week =(
    Zhang Ziyi looks gorgeous <3
    Has anyone watched Yu Haoming's new drama yet?

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