Zhang Ziyi saves Wang Leehom in “My Lucky Star”


“My man, mine to save”

Following the success of Sophie’s Revenge, actress Zhang Ziyi self-produces My Lucky Star, a second film starring the whimsical comic artist Sophie, this time venturing into one of her comic book adventures with  Wang Leehom, Yao Chen, Ruby Lin and  Zheng Kai. Trailer below the cut from Cat Tang@YouTube

8 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi saves Wang Leehom in “My Lucky Star”

  1. woah Leehom’s in another movie! I’m surprised! Although he’s a great singer, he’s not a great actor…

    • I was not impressed with his first movie either.
      It was like a 90min long commercial for his album.

      • Haha interesting. Since I’ve heard the opposite opinion of the album being a ost for the movie more often. Either way it was the first movie he directed, not the first he acted in.

    • Maybe not great but still decent. I thought he was good/did his role justice in Lust Caution and Little Big Soldier.

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