Weibo Wednesday: May 29, 2013


Who’s more scary?

Animals are this week’s theme, with  Chen Xiao (above) as a cat, Li Yundi as a panda, Hope group as a human/monkey/pig, etc,  . Meanwhile, Ni Ni kisses a duck while Sodagreen‘s Wu QIngfeng chills with the deers.


@_@ =_+ =_= O_o =_|| OoO etc.

X-factor China’s Hope group cos the Journey to the West?


See you tomorrow afternoon!

Not to be beaten, pianist Li Yundi cosplays a panda.

何炅: 说是我也参演了。[酷][酷][酷](戏路好宽)

I heard I also acted in this.  Such a versatile actor.

But He Jiong takes the cake by playing a child in upcoming film The Switch?! Or is the child actor playing a mini He Jiong?


Ready to launch.

Ni Ni kisses the large yellow duck.




Whenever I walk on the road, all the deers would follow me, then my friends would crazy fancam me, and then random strangers would see the deers gathered together and run over to take photos of the deers, then everyone was looking at me, as if I were a deer herder or something. In the end I can only give up and be like, what do you want. Super full of myself ~ haha

Sodagreen‘s Wu Qingfeng seems to be a favorite of deers.


Tonight is the final, although it’s only 20 min… For the Legend of Lu Zhen we waited for a year and two months, all for the happy ending at 7:30 tonight. Would you miss it? In your dreams of midnight, would you remember that year that month, you once saw a story frozen in time thousands years ago?

And although non-animal related,  Chen Xiao shows more of his and Zhao Liyin‘s selcas as their series comes to an ending.

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  1. Hey, thanks for doing this every wednesday. This is like my only source to keep myself updated on the current weibo activities. ;)

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