Photoshoot Friday: May 24, 2013

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It doesn’t matter how well she did on X-factor; Alan still shows us a brilliant smile. Sun Li got to welcome summer in bright clothing for one of my favorite magazines (Marie CLaire), while Liu Shishi is one step ahead and already at a beach. Zhang Lanxin adds the obligatory dash of sexy to our weekly post. Wang Xi seems to be dressed up like a bird and Yuan Shanshan actually doesn’t look too bad as a tomboy. Luo Jin’s most amusing picture involves two zebras. Nicky Wu and Liu Sidan are adorable as they flirt for their shoot. Zhang Han is worldly for Cosmopolitan, and Jiang Kaitong shows off how pretty she is at a ceramics house in Tianjin. Guo Zhenni seems to be reliving her youth in a carousel shoot. Jiang Jianfu would like to be a flower boy, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and Gulinazha just laughs at him.

01. Singer Alan was most recently eliminated from X-factor China. More photos here

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02. Sun Li, more here.
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03. Taekwondo champion-turned-actress Zhang Lanxin, more here.
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04. Wang Xi, more here.
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05. Yuan Shanshan, whose new drama with Yu Haoming is airing next week.  more here.
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06. Luo Jin, more here.
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07. Nicky Wu, more here.
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08 .Zhang Han for Cosmopolitan.

09. Jiang Kaitong and Han Chengyu at a ceramics house in Tianjin. More here.  Jiang Kaitong and Zhang Han’s latest series, Waiting for the Blooming, is currently airing.

10. Liu Shishi, who’ll be starring in an upcoming film with Wen Zhang and Jet Li, more here.

11. Actress Yi Ling being quite handsome in new drama with Yan Kuan Spring Gallows on Vogue.

12. Actress Guo Zhenni does a carousel photoshoot. She just finished filming City of Hopeless Love, where she stars as a pair of assassin-innocent girl twins in one of the chapters.

13. Jiang Jinfu and Gulinazha in a very flowery photoshoot for Maxi. Jiang Jinfu is busy defending his thesis to graduate from the Shanghai Drama Academy.

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