Hit-5 returns with “Shine On Me”


car Light. Camera. SHINE!

After a two year absence intense training session, Hit-5 is back with a brand new album How You Been 你们还好吗. TH Entertainment invited American record producer Fingazz to oversee the production of HIT-5’s new single “Shine on Me“. The new single’s blend of Hip-Hop with disco and electronic dance music is a refreshing change from the group’s previous releases. Hopefully the full album will be released over the summer.

If the soundcloud music player below is now showing, you can listen to the song here.

But will HIT-5 be able to handle the heat from this summer’s competitions? Not only is MIC finally beginning to promote their new song “Single Ladies“, but Top Combine also looks like they are gearing up for a comeback with those new hair styles. On top of all this, RTA Youth members are finally all old enough to have a serious promotion cycle. Perhaps the biggest threat to HIT-5’s fanbase and promotional opportunities this summer may be the twelve member wolf pack returning from the planet EXO.


Source: HIT-5 Tieba, HNTV

10 thoughts on “Hit-5 returns with “Shine On Me”

  1. When is the kpop craze going to finally ebb from China? Chinese singers/groups will not be able to shine under the spotlight and take a firm dominance in the Chinese music industry unless the frenzy for korean singers/actors/groups (hallyu wave) go way. lol. xD

      • i don’t think it would affect them, i mean look at japan, johnny entertainment – hey say jump, kis my ft2 and sexy zone which is the newer one is still able to win korean teams in japan. Also, for china, i think they should have their own market? BOBO is from china no? i know they seperate but they are once hype over there, no?

        • It’s hard to compare Johnny groups with any other company’s groups. Johnny Juniors are scouted when they are really young, and begin performing unofficially as Johnnys’ Juniors before their official debut in a group. Individual members are gaining fans before they even debuted in their respective groups.

          Soloist do really well in China, but boy/girl bands…

      • I think kpop is popular among certain demographic, middle schoolers to college kids (the Beliebers and Directioner of Asia lol). I’m worried about HIT-5 because most boy bands shares the same basic fanbase, and a lot of new group appeared in these two years.

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