Weibo Wednesday: May 22, 2013

高圆圆: 十五年,时间在流逝,青春在流逝,baby fat在流逝……但是友谊存,有增无减,一辈子的好姐妹![哈哈]@刘希媛real @江玲611 @许还幻

Fifteen years. Time’s flowing, youth is leaving, baby fat is losing …… but friendship remains, only increasing and not decreasing. Good sisters for life! @Liu Xiyuaan @Jiang Ling @Xu Haihuan

Gao Yuanyuan and co. shows that they haven’t aged at all in 15 years by striking a pose similar to a photo from 15 years ago, except they all look younger.



Actor Chen Xiao looks like a beautiful Peking Opera face … in bed?

Three episodes tonight, kiss scene tonight, what a night …. I like tonight!


It’s so wonderful and touching to be able to li

Wu Xin with her love of Hello Kitty.

JeremyLin林书豪:我像是中国版蝙蝠侠的坏人班恩。。 谢谢佳得乐今天早上对我身体所做的测试

Jeremy Lin is the new Bane?

I look like the Chinese version of Bane from Batman… thank you Gatorade for giving me this physical exam this morning.

马天宇: 骁骁,这就是你家那块朽木马必胜给你拍的美照,跟偷拍一样,信他还不如信鬼。[鄙视][酷]@孙骁骁 @马必

Ma Tianyu & Sun Xiaoxiao “selcam” looks like a papzshot

Ma Tianyu: Xiaoxiao, here’s the beautiful shot your moldy friend Ma Bisheng sent you. It looks like a paparazzi shot. Might as well as believe in ghosts instead of him. @Sun xiaoxiao @ Ma Bisheng

MIC池约翰CJ:能和我最爱的舞蹈团队(QuickCrew)学习并且生活在一起 是件多么美好的事啊!

How wonderful it is to study and live together with my favorite dance crew!

MIC‘s Yuehan fits right in with QuickCrew Dance Crew.


Hero, save that beauty!

Bearded Tang Yan toys with Wallace Huo on the scene of their new drama Perfect Couple.

@关小悦joy:有你的一半,也有我的一半[偷笑] //@黄晓明: @关小悦joy 如果是这样,你不要悲哀~//@佟大为工作室:好兄弟就要给对方系领结@佟大为 @黄晓明 @电影中国合伙人 [嘻嘻]

Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei help each out during American Dreams in China promotions, making Tong Dawei’s wife Guan Xiaoyue feeling a little jealous.

Tong Dawei: Good brothers tie ties for each other @Tong Dawei @Huang Xiaoming @American Dreams in China
Huang Xiaoming: @Guan Xiaoyue If that’s true, don’t be so sad ~
Guan Xiaoyue: You can have half, and I’ll have the other half.

And finally, Chen Xiao and Zhao Liyin are way too cute as they celebrate the success of their ancient series Legend of Luzhen, whose finale is today.


Chen Xiao: Celebrating “Legend of Luzhen” breaking 3 in viewerships with Ah-Zhen. Thanks, all subjects of Norther Qi. Here’s a present to you! <3 @Zhao Liyin.

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  1. Out of curiosity. In the first picture, was the uniforms for students in China in 1998 really like that? I thought they all kind of looked like track suits like today’s chinese uniforms I’ve seen in pictures…

      • It’s a movie based on the founder of New Oriental, the top Chinese company for teaching English, with an emphasis on American English, in China. They also do a lot of American/Australian test prep.

        And probably not (to the first question).

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