X-Factor 2013: Bootcamp & Judges’ Houses

Do you think X-Factor China's got the X factor?

Do you think X-Factor China’s got the “X” factor?

X-Factor China is finally getting exciting, with only 12 acts left after last week’s bootcamp and judges’ house elimination. From now on X-Factor will air two episodes per week; in addition, He Jiong will be replacing Zhu Dan as the show MC. A slight spoiler for those who have not watch the bootcamp or judges’ episode, none of the currently signed/active singer made it into Top 12. You can watch the bootcamp episode here, and judges’ house episode here.

The first bootcamp performance came from the quartet now known as HOPE (Liu Yutong, Yang Chengxi, Zhao Jinyan, and Zhu Chenchen). The Berklee College of Music graduate, Liu Yutong, seems to have toned down his full capability to fit into the group dynamic. The quartet turned rock duo Power Station‘s So Be It 那就这样吧 into a light upbeat ballad. Watch the cute performance below.
More performance from Bootcamp and Judges’ House below the cut


Two of the most solid and entertaining performers from the senior group, Lin Jun and Lao Wu (Xue Xiaoguang) performed a classic rock song “Be a Little Braver 勇敢一点” original by Zhao Chuan 赵传.

One Million Stars winner Jess Lee, Chen Yiling, and returning singer Zeng Yiming performed Shin Band’s Thousand Year Love 千年之恋. Jess Lee is hoping to gain more recognition through this show because (according her in Judges’ episode) her “voice isn’t extremely special and look is not extremely pretty [so it’s hard to be noticed]”. Zeng Yiming was signed to Rock Records in 2005, but due to dispute in 2011 stopped all performance and promotional activities.

Pretty boy Bin Junjie was paired with two beautiful ladies, alan and Mo Chen, for Faye Wong’s I’m Willing 我愿意. alan’s smile at the end… did she make a mistake that no one except her noticed?

Ye Zheng (the only guy), Ai Yiliang, Zhang Xinrui, and Wu Shenmei performed a-mei’s Bad Boy. Once you get over how odd it is for a guy to sing this song, this version is actually very good.

Judges’ Houses

Zhang Ziyi was put in charge of the guys, which included returning singer Ceng Yiming, Vitas imitator Huang Hongbin, pretty boy Bin Junjie, Shin Band’s new lead singer Liu Wenjie, Jin Guicheng, and mood setter Yin Xishui. Korean immigrant Jin Guicheng performed Fisherman’s Wharf 愚人码头 in the above video.

Lo Dayu, who I thought would be in charge of the senior group, was put in charge of the girls. This group included alan, Chen Yiling, Min Baihui, Liu Ruiqi, Jess Lee, Ai Yiliang. The above performance is judge Michael Zhen’s junior Liu Ruiqi.

Michael Zhen took over the senior group; the above performance is from Lao Wu. Compare to Lin Jun‘s performance Lao Wu’s is much better, but due to his lack of variety show appeal (no I’m serious) he was eliminated.

Eason Chan took over the groups. In all honestly none of the groups are that impressive, maybe it’s because half of them are newly formed for the show. Fresh M is the only one that looked like a group, but their unfortunate attempt at synchronized dancing ruined their overall appearance.

The Final 12 contestants are
Guys: Ceng Yiming, Jin Guicheng, and Yin Xishui
Girls: Liu Ruiqi, Ai Yiliang, Jess Lee (who left due to to personal reasons), and Chen Yiling (who was brought back after Jess Lee left)
Seniors: Qin Ni, Liu Minghui, and Lin Jun
Groups: HOPE, Deep Green Forest/墨绿森林 (member Mo Yanlin left the group due to personal reason), and New Sound Arrival/新声驾到

3 thoughts on “X-Factor 2013: Bootcamp & Judges’ Houses

  1. Ah, Jin Guicheng isn’t an immigrant; he’s 朝鲜族. But he worked in Korea. Probably in Dongdaemun because he has the whole Dongdaemun moustache thing going on for him…

    I have to say, though, X Factor China has been a huge disappointment for me. The level of talent is really low. Especially in the group rounds where (and this has always been a big complaint of mine in regards to Chinese music) not even one of the contestants even attempted to harmonise vocals. It’s as if none of them had even heard about the concept of harmonies…


    Is there any word on why Jess Lee left? She was one of the few contestants who I thought could actually sing.

    • I thought his ethnic at first too, but he said he came to China 10 years ago..?

      X-Factor’s been kind of boring for me too, I kind of skimmed through most of it. Maybe Chinese Idol and Super Boys stole most of the talents??

      I have no idea why Jess Lee left, people (internet) are saying it’s because you have to sign a contract once you’re in the top w/e. Since most of the singers are already signed, they were all “eliminated”.

      • In the full version of the auditions, Jin Guicheng said that he is 中華人民共和國的朝鮮族 when one of the judges asked whether he was from Korea. Apparently he worked in Korea for a couple years then came back to China and worked in Beijing for 10 years. His mother though was the one who went and stayed in Korea. And X-factor was kind of boring. There’s too many singing competitions in China these days. But then again it’s one of the main tools used to find singers in such a big country like China to become contracted recording artists.

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