Li Bingbing joins cast of Transformers 4

Li Bingbing continues her foray into Hollywood.

Li Bingbing continues her foray into Hollywood.

Li Bingbing will have an acting role in Transformers 4 according to a statement released by director Michael Bay:

“I am excited to have Li Bingbing join our cast and to be shooting portions of the movie in her native China. I have always aspired to work with the best actors and this cast is especially exciting now with the addition of Li.”

Li added:

“I am thrilled to get to work with Michael Bay. ‘Transformers’ has influenced generations in China and the movie franchise has a massive fan base. I am very happy to be able to join this international production. Thank you Paramount for the invitation! Looking forward to it!”

Li’s role is yet unknown, but is speculated to be action-orientated given her roles most familiar to Western audiences (Resident Evil: Retribution, The Forbidden Kingdom). Her character may also be bilingual, giving Li Bingbing a chance to speak her native Mandarin alongside her practicing English. In Li’s previous Hollywood film, Resident Evil, her lines were dubbed over by the original, American Ada Wong voice actress, Sally Cahill.

The upcoming movie, which apparently will also be shot partly in China, is a co-production between Paramount Pictures, China Movie Channel, and online movie streaming company Jiaflix. Transformers 4 is the latest in a stream of Hollywood action blockbusters to incorporate Chinese themes in courting the country’s rapidly growing market, where box office receipts increased by 36% in 2012. The previous film in the series, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon grossed over $165 million in China in its 2011 release and featured on-screen product placement of Chinese brands—a first for a major Hollywood production.

Transformers 4 has a scheduled release of 27 June next year.

15 thoughts on “Li Bingbing joins cast of Transformers 4

  1. Transformers? Okay, Li bingbing… you’d better not have turned down a role in Skyfall because that would’ve gotten you the chance to work with Sam Mendes, instead of- you know, Michael “I blow up loads of things” Bay.

  2. Her role better not be like fan bing bing’s role in iron man. Her scenes better be shown on international scenes or she should refuse the role.

    • +1 But I don’t think she should refuse a chance to work with western crew. Even if her part wouldn’t be shown internationally she still got the chance to meet new people who might be her actual lucky break into Hollywood. Small steps.

      • Politically correct, we would say that she is taking small steps into Hollywood and might hit the lucky ball. In reality with the current anti-Chinese sentiment in the western world, she is not going to get her break. She’s only a tool to get into the Chinese film industry by getting around the Chinese restrictions on foreign films. If the producers won’t let Chinese actresses/actors be shown on the international versions when they only just have a minor role that won’t affect the plot at all, what makes you think that they will come back and give them a major role that will be screened worldwide? They are seen as tools to get into the Chinese industries not as serious actors. If they truly saw Chinese actors/actresses as actors, why not just show them in the international versions? Why spend more money and make two versions? It will benefit China’s actors/actresses if Hollywood is pressured to respect them and use them for the international version. It will let the world know more about them and prevent Hollywood from slipping through loopholes that will end up just insulting the chinese actresses/actors. You should go check out the reviews about Fan Bing Bing’s role/impact in Iron Man 3. Most people and critics think that she looks like some random asian girl randomly thrown into the film and seemed incredibly out of place.

      • So..I was looking for her when I was watching Iron Man 3 but..I didn’t even notice her at all. O___O Maybe I just missed it? What scene was she in!?!?!

        • I think you saw the international version. Her scenes and that other chinese male actor’s scenes were all cut out. Only the “Chinese” version was when they were randomly thrown into some random scenes where they don’t even belong…..

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