Music Monday: May 20, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

This week’s playlist includes: a Sichuan all-star dedication to their hometown, a Bibi-style track from Bibi Zhou Bichang, a dance track from Vivi Jiang Yingrong, a retro pop track from Kiki Hu Ling, an English song from Jeno Liu Liyang, a hometown dedication from Ji Jie, a track from post-90s singer/songwriter Ah Qiao, and a track from returning singer Ruan Danqing. In addition, this week’s relevant OSTs include theme songs from Yu Zheng costume drama Female Prime Minister, costume action drama Hero, a modern romance drama Marriage Article 22, and upcoming movie American Dreams in China.

First, Sichuanese artists want to remind you that Sichuan is Still Beautiful.

New MV Releases

Secret Friend” is the second single from Bibi Zhou‘s new and 7th album UNLOCK. Since her last album release, Bibi has established her own fashion brand Begins and opened her own studio Begins Studio.

Jiang Yingrong always manage to look so effortlessly sexy without being over the top. “Crazy” is a track off of Jiang Yingrong’s brand new album 发生秀FashionShow. This dancing diva have been very busy this year with photoshoots, participating on dance competition, and V-Live Concert.

A more sexy and mature Hu Ling returns with a retro pop song “Feel Your Heart“.

Jeno Liu Liyang sings in English in her self-directed MV Runaway.

Ji Jie sings about his hometown, the Yi autonomous prefecture of Liangshan, in this Tan Weiwei-produced MV for “Forgotten Times“.

Post-90 singer/songwriter Ah Qiao time travel back to the Qing dynasty for her Love and Jealousy MV. This song is from her debut album Roam With Me 陪我去流浪, released under Ocean Butterflies (By2, Vae, Qi Wei).

Ruan Danqing returns, after a 10 year haitus, with “Bread Tree“. Even if the song isn’t to your taste, the MV is still worth the watch.

Relevant OSTs

As the popularity of Yu Zheng‘s new costume drama Female Prime Minister 陆贞传奇 rises so do the popularity of its main cast, namely Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying. In fact, the ending theme “Mood” (lyrics penned by Yu Zheng) is performed by the pair. Whether it’s Yu Zheng’s script or the actors’ skills, viewers can’t help but root for this pair of star crossed lovers. But after a parade of women flaunting themselves at Ah Zhan, it’s nice to see some much deserved love for Lu Zhen with the appearance of the 3rd male lead.

Next Lifetime” is the opening theme to the new costume drama Hero – a retelling of the tragic romance of Xi Shi. Princess Yinger will play the part of Xi Shi, which fits her like a snuggie. The main cast also include 8th Prince Kevin Cheng, TVB actor Michael Tse, and Ken Chu. In addition to the veteran cast members, singer/composer/actor Chen Xiang will play General Zhanru of Wu; supergirl Lu Yi and eeMedia’s newly signed actor Chai Ge will also be part of the supporting cast.

Internet musician Danny 东来东往 composed this insert song “So Close to Happiness” for the drama Marriage Article 22 第二十二条婚规. Danny will be making his acting debut in Another Me 世界上的另一个我 starring Qi Wei.

Veteran director/producer Peter Chan returns with American Dreams in China starring Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao, and Tong Dawei. The trailer above is set to a popular 80s song “Story of Time” by X-Factor judge Luo Dayou. Last week Deng Chao and Tong Dawei appeared on Happy Camp to promote this movie, watch it here.

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