Photoshoot Friday: May 17, 2013

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Below the cut, Liu Yifei is crying because Zhao Wei took her place as the cover photo.

Zhao Wei is the true jewel in her photoshoot with Bazaar Jewelry; Liu Yifei is glamorous for Figaro. Zhang Yao from Zhao Wei’s new movie So Young makes an appearance in this round up with her husband, and actress Jiang Xin is pretty and sophisticated in the still from her shoot. Chen Xiao was supposed to be here, but Chen Kun was not impressed and took the position of “most charismatic male” in this shoot instead. You also have Chen Yanqiu, who’s awfully young (born after 1995!), beautiful in an old-movie themed photoshoot. Da Zhangwei reveals how much fun he can have dressing up as a clown in what I assume is a telephone booth (that changes colors). Look below the cut for more! 01. Zhao Wei, more here.

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02. Liu Yifei, with more here.

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“It’s not fair…that cover photo should have been mine!”

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03. Zhang Yao, having succeeded in So Young, now shows off how cute she and her husband are for Figaro. More here.
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04. Actress Jiang Xin.

06. Chen Kun, with more here.

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Chen Kun is unimpressed.

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08. Cheng Yanqiu. More here. 

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09. Da Zhangwei, more here.

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2 thoughts on “Photoshoot Friday: May 17, 2013

  1. I feel like that little girl’s photoshoot are stills from an Chinese version of a classic Chanel perfume commercial. Sorry for stealing Chen Xiao, but too many hotties in one post may cause health problems lol Speaking of Chen Kun what’s with the Zhou-Chen-Zhao-Huang love square?

    • lol; exactly why chen xiao had to leave. he’s too green to compete with chen kun for “sexy” – for now.

      haha i think huang xiaoming, chen kun, and zhao wei are besties from college; huang xiaoming used to have a crush on her, i think. now they’re still besties. zhou xun and chen kun have worked together for numerous collaborations, so there’s some shipping?
      but i’m not that clear on their relationship xD someone who follows them more closely could probably elucidate it better.

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