“The Four” releases trailer


Not to be lonely in ancient times, Zhang Han starts a new “F4” in the Ming dynasty.

Touting to be one of the best produced ancient series of the year, detective/romance series The Four 少年四大名捕 released its first trailer today.    In addition to clips of the leads Zhang Han, Mao Zijun, William Chan, Yang Yang, Zhang Junning, Jia Qing, GuiGui, and Hao Zijia, there’s also intros of the antagonists and guest stars Han Dong, Heaven Eternal Earth Everlasting lead Huang Ming, and Mickey He, Butterfly Lovers antagonist Ma Wenlong, Bounty Hunter lead Qin Yongchen, and Zong Fengyan.

5 thoughts on ““The Four” releases trailer

    • I don’t think it has a TV channel confirmed yet. It’s produced by HuanRui, which is the company for both Yu Zheng workshop dramas and Mingdao workshop dramas (SoP Queen). They’re also producing the Young Detective Dee drama starring Bosco Wang, Ma Tianyu, Sun Xiaoxiao and Qi Wei. It’ll be interesting to see how these two detective series will battle it out.

  1. OMG!! That kiss from Yang Yang @ 1:33!! I can die happy now =D
    I’m so glad he’s at least getting the 2nd lead (I think) vs those 4th/5th lead he’s been getting…

    • I think he’s still 4th … but at least a 4th with a lot of screen time and hopefully love? And at least he’s playing 4th to people who are good-looking and decent actors.

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