Music Monday: May 13, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! In honor of Mother’s Day, it is only appropriate to start this post with a song dedicated to mommy. But should I post the traditional “Lu Bing Hua“, which has been performed by people like Jane Zhang and Top Combine, or should I post something more modern, like Jay Chou’s “Listen to Mom” or Vanness Wu’s “Mama“? But then I stumped across this song by Kindergarten Killer (ft. Shen Yi and PD Doggy). “Stars Don’t Talk“, which sounds like the name of a lullaby, is from Kindergarten Killer’s second street album Sketch This City. There is also a solo version of the song here.

New Releases

Yan Yidan is back with another beautiful song called “Nian“, which translates to read/recite aloud. Everytime I hear her song I feel like she doesn’t belong in this millennium; I feel like she should be one of those court ladies in ancient times playing pipa while singing, then fly across the room using her long silk sleeves.

EEG continues with their trend of Twins act with their new boy group BOX. But this time, with the success of real twin sisters as precedent, EEG’s new boy group members are identical twin brothers from DongBei. Some of you may remember seeing these two on Happy Camp, with senior members of their label, eating noodle spiked with Sichuan pepper and attempting to do the limbo. As if that’s not enough suffering in the name of promotion, they will be participating on the diving show Celebrity Splash.

This refreshing smooth rock song “You Were Young Once” is from Good Little Sister Band (好妹妹乐队) second album North and South

This London College of Fashion graduate Wang Yu Ling returned from overseas study and participated on The Voice of China. The girl sure got “Swag“. This is my favorite song from the batch.

Highlight Performances

X-Factor China is turning out to be a gathering place of singers looks for a second chance. If you thought Jess Lee‘s appearance was a rarity then you are wrong, this week alan appeared on the show looking to remake her image. Other surprise celebrity appearances came from MC He Jiong (audience) and Shin Band’s new lead singer.
The new lead Liu Wenjie is hoping to prove himself by performing one of Shin Band’s old song “Endless Night“. I like he’s sound, of course Shin loyalist might not, but if he’s nervous enough to sweat that much maybe he shouldn’t be on stage… You can listen to Shin’s version here.

The theme of the week for Legend of Songs is Mother, but since Amguulan’s mother passed away in 2005 he is the only one without a mother backstage. After watching the VCR Amguulan overcame with emotion during his first attempt at “Loneliness Make Me Beautiful“. How do you think he did on his second try?

I remember hearing Ado for the first time on CCTV’s NYGala singing a duet with Zhao Wei and just fell in love with that voice. On this week’s Mad for Songs Ado performed “Dummy“.

This Week’s Relevant OST

Yu Zheng‘s popular new costume drama Female Prime Minister is currently airing on HNTV. Will Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying become the new FengMi couple?

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8 thoughts on “Music Monday: May 13, 2013

  1. That is so rude. I think that shin band’s new lead singer wenjie has good vocals too. He even managed to get an affirm yes from eason chan. He is probably sweating from nervousness as he is staking everything in for the return of shin band and to be recognised as the new lead singer. Hope he will perform well for the next rounds.

  2. omg!!!! The Amguulan video made me cry!! I’m so happy he was able to pick up again after being in jail for full two years which nearly ruined his entire career…..

    • So I have a huge soft spot for the 2007 Super Boys. But seriously, for someone who killed someone and then ran away, two years is ridiculous. I feel like he should get two years for running away alone, and then a much longer jail time for manslaughter.

        • I don’t really know much about the Chinese judicial system, but I don’t think the victim’s family has any say in the sentence.
          Given that Gao Xiaosong got six months of jail for drunk driving without hurting someone, I can’t believe that manslaughter could only be punished by an additional 1.5 years of jailtime. =_=

          • I’m not some expert on the Chinese judicial system but I feel that the Chinese system is based upon circumstance and “emotion” if you get what I mean. Monacan law is based upon purely on law no matter what. For example if the chinese judge feels that the convict really did not mean it and has a potential for change/remorse he’ll give him less years. In Monaco, no matter how the judge feels for your potential/intentions, you are getting this set amount of years even if it feels morally harsh or whatever. The Chinese system seems to have a lot of more fluidity but also thus has more loopholes.

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