“Bu Bu Jing Qing” stills are still in grayscale

“Excuse me, ma’am, I think you broke the grayscale-only dress code. ” – Zhao Chulun to Liu Shishi

Stills from Shanghai Tangren’s latest business intrigue idol drama starring Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu, Sun Yizhou, Jiang Jinfu, Ye Zuxin, Ye Qing, Annie Liu, Zhao Chulun, Zeng Yike and Chen Xiang.

Ye Zuxin showing off his curves; Liu Shishi frightened.

“How could you replace me as your gay bestie with Ye Zuxin?” – Jiang Jinfu

I frequently cry when I see how much I haven’t aged in the mirror, too.

Annie Liu can’t bear to look at Sun Yizhou’s plain band-aids. Surely he should’ve known that every idol drama needs cartoon band-aids.

Ye Qing’s just happy her photo has lots of color, even if she and Sun Yizhou are still following the dress code.

A failed attempt to kidnap Lee Junki by Zeng Yike and Jiang Jinfu.

12 thoughts on ““Bu Bu Jing Qing” stills are still in grayscale

  1. LOL I love your captions.

    I’m surprised to see 10th prince character, and it’s probably one of the extra ordinary different from the first.

  2. Is she wearing a wig? …looks a bit weird to me. I don’t really like the plot of having LSS to act as 2 sisters. Don’t really have much anticipation for this show as it’s not written by Tonghua.

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