Photoshoot Friday: May 10, 2013

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If you never caught on to Li Yuchun‘s androgynous appeal from her Supergirl days, you’ll get to see version 2 of it in her new shoot for ELLE. Jiang Yirong was unrecognizable to me at first in her “sexy black ropes” photoshoot, while Wallace Huo was (what else?) extremely handsome as he smouldered about…handsomely. Qi Wei wore the type of outrageous eyelashes that I love and idarklight thinks are weird. (Side with her. She’s the boss). Tong Dawei and Lin Dan make an attempt to even up the male vs. female factor with their shoots, while Li Sheng wears a springtime dress with folds that are to die for.

Still want more? The following celebs also got a few slides in the limelight: Zhang Liwei, Chen Sisi, Song Jia, Dong Xuan, Shao Bin, Lu Hong

01. Jiang Yirong, more here.
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02. Li Yuchun, with more here.

03. Wallace Huo for Figaro.

04. Qi Wei with creepy lashes here.

05. Tong Dawei for Gainer

06. Lin Dan for Men’s Uno. Poor guy got kicked out of the Sudirman cup for the first time in like 10 years.

07. Li Sheng, more here.
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  1. qi wei looks like the cheerleader from the coke museum’s short 3D movie… don’t know if anyone know what i’m talking about.

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