Weibo Wednesday: May 1-May 8

黑人建州: 感謝妳包容我的一切,兩週年結婚快樂喔!love u 4 ever

Blackie Chen and Christine Fan Weiqi celebrated their second wedding anniversary on May 7th! Congratulations to the happy couple, who were playing around with paint earlier in the week.

Thank you for being forgiving of everything. Happy two-year wedding anniversary! love u 4 ever

鲍春来: 刚练完回到房间,状态在逐渐恢复,就好像我的脸色,自拍一张,以已供瞻仰(汗…)

Athlete-turned-entertainer Bao Chunlai prepares for his comeback to badminton this year, but doesn’t forget to remind us how pretty he is on Weibo.

Just finished practicing and am back at my room. My state is gradually recovering, just like my complexion. Take a photo of myself in order to provide admiration (sweat…)

电视剧金玉良缘: 想知道出品人穿越后?请在官方微信回复:看见睡美人 你们知道后面的故事吗?别问我知不知道,知道也要下次说

Wallace Huo and Tang Yan will be collaborating again, this time in the ancient drama Perfect Couple (金玉良缘). The drama’s Weibo posted a photo of Wallace (who is also producing the drama) fooling around while Tang Tang takes a nap.

Do you want to know what happens after the producer goes back in time? Please reply on the official Weixin: You see Sleeping Beauty. Do you know the story behind it? Don’t ask me if I know. Even if I did know, I would wait until next time to say it.

高以翔Godfrey: 謝謝姚明大哥邀請我來參加比賽!我變成小鳥藝人啦!

OMG Godfrey Gao suddenly turned into a munchkin! Just kidding, he’s just next to the much taller Yao Ming. This is really strangely cute. In case you’re wondering, Godfrey is 6’5″ (1.95 m), whereas Yao Ming is 7’6″ (2.29 m).

Thank you to Big Brother Yao Ming for inviting me to attend the competition! I’ve become a little bird artist now!

陈翔橙: 我的头发怎么了

Chen Xiang shows that even celebrity singers have bad hair days now and then. Of course, he still manages to look pretty awesome.

What happened to my hair

Two minutes later, he followed up this post with “The wig isn’t bad.”

电视剧爱闪亮: 史上最帅最萌最有爱叔侄俩

Cuteness alert!!! Jones Xu (who seems to want to change his name to “Jeremy Jones,” out of Jeremy Lin fanboy-ism) is currently filming Shining Love (爱闪亮), which stars Jiang Kaitong and Van Fan, as well as child actor Wuze Jinxi. The kid still looks cute even with a bowl cut hairstyle, lol.

The most handsome, the cutest, and the most loving pair of uncle-nephew

徐正曦JeremyJones: 謝謝守護神們在深圳為我慶祝生日 永遠愛你們!!

It was also Jones’s birthday this past week, on May 5th! Happy 28th birthday~

Thank you to all the protector gods who helped me celebrate my birthday at Shenzhen. Love you always!!

叶祖新: 吃货时间!#步步惊情#

Man, look at all that downtime on the set of Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情). Just kidding, I’m sure Ye Zuxin and Liu Shishi are working super hard and taking a much-needed break.

Time to eat the goods! #Bu Bu Jing Qing#

柯震東Kai: 我好餓!!!!

Speaking of eating, here is an important announcement from Kai Ko:

I’m so hungry!!!!

柯震東Kai: 結婚生小孩組成家庭後…..不行不行!一堆長的跟我一樣的小孩真怪

In another display of dorkiness, Kai took a photo with a group of children, and then Photoshopped his face onto all of them. Um.

After getting married, having children, and making a family….. no, no! A bunch of kids who look like me would be really strange.

郭采洁: 小姐好辣@房祖名 我快笑死了

Amber Kuo decided to play around on Photoshop as well. She and Jaycee Chan acted together in the movie Love Speaks (意外的恋爱时光), which opened in theaters on May 3rd.

The young lady is so hot @Jaycee Chan I almost died of laughter

段林希: 姐妹一起青年节,复古上海滩party!爱你们!

2011 Super Girls winner Duan Linxi posted a reunion photo of the contestants, which Liu Xin then turned into a super-old, sepia-tinted photo. In attendance were Hong Chen, Liu Xin, Su Miaoling, Yang Yang, Fu Mengni, DL, and Jin Yinling.

Sisters together for Youth Day, returning to the time of the Shanghai bund party! Love you all!

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