X-factor contestant covers “Diamonds”


Will. resist. urge. to. ship.

X-Factor contestant Bin Junjie 宾俊杰 and his photographer friend Tang Long cover Rihanna‘s Diamonds in their latest endeavor.  How is it that these two can make a better and cheaper MV than half of the boy/girlbands out there? Yes, 7Sense, I’m speaking to you.

Also watch them cover Moves like a Jagger, Sky live on X-factor China, and Take a Bow.

5 thoughts on “X-factor contestant covers “Diamonds”

  1. Haha, yeah… okay, so, I know we try to avoid “gossip” here, but did anybody else find it painfully awkward when Zhang Ziyi asked him what kind of girl he likes? Because, I mean… well… it’s kiiind of obvious…

    • Unfortunately that’s such a common question to ask people in China, be it celebs in interviews or normal people in everyday conversation. I wish people would be more aware and instead ask “what is your ideal other half(另一半) like ?”

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